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Horse Tracks: Aqib Talib all class over Dallas PD snafu

Talib handled things well.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Broncos Country! It's my first Horse Tracks and I'm handing out awards because cornerback Aqib Talib definitely deserves one. I'm not sure what you would call it, or just how to explain it, but he deserves some sort of public recognition for being a "really good guy in the wake of a pretty crappy public situation."

If I had woken up one Sunday morning and found out my arrest - that didn't happen - was being publicized by the police - who didn't arrest me but who did misread the name on the license of my brother - and that misinformation was being erroneously retweeted hundreds of thousands of times...

Well, I'd be mad. I'd be saying mean things about the police; I'd be calling my lawyer and tweeting about the poor PR that existed in the Dallas Police Department.

What I probably wouldn't do is say it was an honest mistake and then give props to the guys who made those mistakes.

That's some hard-working guys in Dallas. They were just doing their job and they made a mistake, an honest mistake.   -Aqib Talib, cornerback

But that's exactly what Aqib Talib did on Tuesday when speaking to the Boston Herald.

"That's some hard-working guys in Dallas. They were just doing their job and they made a mistake, an honest mistake, man. It happens sometimes, man."

There aren't many people in general - and celebrities in particular - who would be that gracious in a similar situation that is annoying at best and reputation-harming at worst.

Well-played, Aqib - that was a very Peyton Manning-like response and a class move.

Good news

Ever since Talib joined the Broncos in a highly touted free agency grab in February, there has been nothing but good news following him, which is a relief for coaches and fans.

The cornerback was one of eight Broncos listed in NFL Network's Top 100 at No. 79, and yesterday he was named No. 5 on Bucky Brooks' Top 10 corners in the league, two spots ahead of none other than former Bronco, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie:

"Talib has emerged as a standout player at the position. The veteran thrived as a No. 1 CB in New England's complex scheme, showcasing his athleticism, versatility and ball skills on the perimeter. ... Signed to a monster contract this offseason to play a similar role in Denver, Talib will have plenty of opportunities to show the football world he deserves consideration as the game's premier cover corner."

So looking forward to that.

And even mo' better

While Talib is back on the East Coast for his football camp and showing some love for his former team, the New England Patriots, he was also paying big compliments to his new locker room in Denver:

On his former coach, Bill Belichick:

"I learned a lot about being a professional, learning from was a wonderful experience for me."

On going up against the Broncos' offense in practice:

"It's good...definitely good work over there. Every day it's either Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders coming out there. Definitely good work. Peyton, the quarterback, man, a lot fun, great locker room. No complaints."

On difference between John Fox and Bill Belichick

"Fox is a little more hands-on, a little louder in practice. It's a good thing. I love being over there."

And we love having you - Go Broncos!

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