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Wes Welker's in England today to watch his horse, Undrafted, race in the July Cup

Wes Welker has swag. And a race horse, too.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Wes Welker's Twitter bio says he is a professional tweeter that "wastes his talents playing American Football." That may not be entirely true.

In addition to tweeting and playing football, Welker is also into horse racing.

Welker, who handed out $100 bills after winning big at the Kentucky Derby in May, actually owns his own race horse. Fittingly, the horse is named "Undrafted," just like Welker was in 2004.

"I wasn’t selected in either of the seven rounds and went undrafted. It’s not an exact science. A lot of people go undrafted and luckily I got an opportunity and I was able to run with it. It was kind of a fitting name, I thought," Welker said in an interview with The Guardian's Greg Wood.

Welker, who paid $50,000 (£29,200) for the horse, will be in England today (Saturday) to attend Undrafted's race in the July Cup. His horse has 16-1 odds to win the race, according to Welker.

"If I didn’t think we had a really good shot, I probably wouldn’t make the trip," Welker says. "I think Undrafted’s running style is almost like a European running style, he comes a little bit off the pace and when he gets his momentum going, he gets going pretty good."

Wes has even placed a friendly Twitter wager with one of his fellow competitors:

Welker went on to tell The Guardian that he can relate to the short careers horses often have in a sport bombarded by injuries, much like the NFL.

"How you train them and get them ready is very similar to how we train and get ready. It’s kind of cool to see the similarities between the two athletes," Welker said.

Welker, 33, is in the final year of the two-year, $12 million deal he signed with the Broncos in 2013. He caught 73 passes for 778 yards and 10 touchdowns last season.