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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks: Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to do battle

Good morning Broncos Country!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos receivers to YAC?

Emmanuel Sanders wants to be the guy with the most YAC in the Broncos offense, Julius Thomas says "not so fast!"  YAC and the Manning passing game go together like lamb and tuna fish.  Last season, here's how the Broncos receivers fared when it came to YAC:











It wasn't even close.  Demaryius won by a landslide, and we can imagine why with all the WR screens that get thrown his way.

When it comes to Sanders and Julius, I think Sanders skillset and speed are prime to make a killing not only in the screen game but on plays like quick slants and hitches where all it takes is one missed tackle to spring the receiver open.

This next season, I think Sanders will close the gap and be closer to Thomas than Decker was, and I think he will beat out Julius by a long shot.


That's how many of Peyton Manning's touchdown passes last season came in the redzone.  Once the Broncos got into that area they attacked.  One point of weakness that I'll be looking at in a short series to come very soon--9 of those TD passes came from the 2 yard-line or closer.

I do not believe Peyton will reach the same number this year because of an improved running game.  Run or Pass , this is going to be a sick offense to try and stop once it gets to the redzone.

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