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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - John Fox should point the finger inward

Good Morning Broncos Country, here's what the NFL and your Broncos have to offer today.

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John Fox thinks Peyton Manning can improve

I clicked on this little gem and it's basically a lot of coach speak.  "Yeah he was good but he's had a good offseason and we think he can do better" type of stuff.

What I really want to hear at some-point is how John Fox thinks he can improve as a coach.  Right now John Fox may be about neck to neck with Andy Reid in our division as far as the coaching pecking order goes, but that's only because Oakland and San Diego boast a couple of greenhorns in Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy.

If you're still a Champ fan, and you should be, check out this awesome breakdown of each and every coverage snap he took last year

This is a little bit better verdict on his play than what I remember, but he had arguably his worst game in the Super Bowl and people tend to remember what happened most recently.  Though there was no place for him on the Broncos anymore, I wish Champ all the best and hope he has a great season!

Justice system is friendly to celebrities

Aldon Smith received a slap on the wrist for pleading no contest to three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon to go along with a couple of misdemeanor DUI charges.  Smith might have to serve a reduced 12-day sentence on a work crew Mondays during the season.  He'll also have some to serve community service and be on probation.  Yeah, that's really something you and I can expect under the same circumstances.

Gronk vows to carry New England offense all season long

OK, that's a bit misleading.  What he actually said was that despite not making it through an entire season without a serious injury in the past several years, he has made it his goal to finish the entire season.  For such a big guy it really does seem like he has a glass chin.

It's a mess in Viking land

I'm somewhat new to this whole Kluwe vs. Vikings business because I usually don't care what punters have to say.  But the acrimonious departure of Kluwe from the Vikings organization has gone from bad to worse.  If you're new to this whole saga, Kluwe contends that the Vikings cut him because of his pro-gay marriage stance and activism.  Central to his claim is the accusation that former Broncos coach and current Vikings Special Teams coach Mike Priefer created a hostile working environment regularly making anti-gay slurs to Kluwe.

The Vikings convened an independent investigation to look into Kluwe's accusations.  This panel recently concluded their work and as a result the team suspended coach Priefer for three games...but it doesn't end there.  After some unfavorable leaks about some of Kluwe's own alleged remarks regarding the Sandusky case in Penn State, the two sides are offering different opinions on whether or not the team agreed to make the findings public.

Kluwe now intends to sue the Vikings in order to get everything out in public.

Marcell Dareus added to Buffalo Bills' injury list -
You still wish we had taken Marcell Dareus back in 2011?


Super Bowl film "adds a little more fuel to your fire" - The Denver Post
Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase gathered his unit June 18, the final offseason workday, to watch the film of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Players under the microscope for the Broncos - The Denver Post
QB Peyton Manning Manning will define the Broncos as long as he's under center here. No one expects him to duplicate the greatest season by a quarterback, but he's required to perform at an MVP

Denver determined to be a big hit on defense - The Denver Post
The Broncos' desire to become more physical resulted in a defensive transformation with no other acquisition as important as strong safety T.J. Ward.

Fully recovered from a frightening injury, Rahim Moore focused on future - The Denver Post
When the Broncos reassemble Thursday for the start of training camp, Rahim Moore will appreciate the fresh start

About Broncos training camp at Dove Valley - The Denver Post
The Broncos open training camp at their Dove Valley team headquarters Thursday.

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The Broncos have a three-game winning streak in San Diego, but face the Chargers there in December -- which has usually been bad news for Denver.

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Get to know Broncos running back Montee Ball.

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Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders holds youth football camp at SMU.