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Denver Broncos Quarterbacks: In Brock you trust?

In 1998 starting QB John Elway missed significant time due to injuries. In his stead backup Bubby Brister stepped in and kept the Broncos offense humming, winning each of his 4 starts.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Flash forward to 2014.  We have an offense aimed to make another assault on opposing defenses, a defense poised to become elite, and a team resolved to make another run at a championship.  At the helm we have 38 year-old Peyton Manning who by all counts is stronger and healthier than he's ever been as a Bronco.

Football is a brutal sport and as we all witnessed last season that line between health and injury is razor thin.

What if Manning went down?

The 2014 version of Bubby Brister is Brock Osweiler.

In his Training Camp Preview, Andrew Mason points out that the inexperienced signal caller would have plenty of firepower and support if asked to step in.

Brock even seems to be progressing with the mental aspects of the game melding together his knowledge of coverages with how the offense is meant to attack, eliminating possibilities presnap much like Manning does when under center.  Still the question remains.

If Brock Osweiler had to start 1, 2, 4 or any number of games could the Broncos not only remain competitive, but also win games on a consistent basis?

Right now all we have is our collective conjecture and a lot of "IFs" to ponder.

I think over the course of 3-4 games the Broncos could remain competitive in each coming away with at least a .500 record.  But that all supposes the team is as complete as it looks on paper.

There is plenty of precedence for young, inexperienced quarterbacks being able to succeed and help their teams win games.  Many of them did not have the luxury of throwing to a Demaryius Thomas or Wes Welker.  Many of them did not have the luxury of two red-shirt seasons.

What are your thoughts Broncos Country, in Brock you trust?