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Denver Broncos training camp is all about the defense - Horse Tracks

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Probably the biggest storyline(video) heading into Denver Broncos training camp is how all the new faces on the defensive side of the ball start to gel together. If you have been following this website at all this offseason, you'll probably know how often I personally highlight the defensive side of the ball in my posts. As a fan, I just can't escape the hype. I've fully embraced it. Bring on the orange crush, baby!

Even with all world studs like Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr. on the sideline until probably Week 1 of the regular season, we've got Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, Bradley Roby and T.J. Ward to get acquainted with. As a student of the pro game, I kind of feel like I know what we're going to see from the three veterans, so the guy I am most anxious to see is the youngster out of Ohio State in Roby. The guy looks like a future star, but since I don't watch college ball I cannot put much stock into what I think I see. Once upon a time I thought Knowshon Moreno looked like a future star. Yeah...

If you were to ask me what the most interesting part of training camp is, I'd have to say the battle at linebacker. With Von Miller and Danny Trevathan inked in at starter, I have Nate Irving penciled in at middle linebacker. John Elway loaded the roster with some late round and undrafted free agent picks at the linebacker positions, so who knows what one of those young guys might do.

May February 2015 be the month that the Broncos and Peyton Manning's unfinished business be completed.

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