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Broncos' Peyton Manning the top-rated QB in Madden NFL 15 video game

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in our hearts and in our favorite football game.


EA Sports has been revealing top player ratings for Madden NFL 15 leading up to the game's August 26 release date. On Tuesday, EA revealed the top five quarterbacks in the game.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is tied for first with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Both QBs have 98 overall ratings.

"Peyton’s arm strength may be trending down (86 THP), but everything else about him is still legendary. The five-time NFL MVP boasts 99 AWR (ranked first in NFL), 99 Short Accuracy (first), 96 Medium Throw Accuracy (first), 88 Deep Accuracy (fourth), and 98 Play Action (first)," EA's Donny Moore said.

Manning's rating this year marks a one-point improvement since his 97 overall rating in 2013. No QBs received the coveted 99 rating this year.

Behind Manning and Rodgers are the Saints' Drew Brees (96), the Seahawks' Russell Wilson (93), and the Patriots' Tom Brady (93). In 2013, Manning and Rodgers (97) both trailed Brady (98).

If Manning goes down, either in Madden or real life, things could get ugly for Denver. Backup QB Brock Osweiler was rated 73 overall last year; reserve QB Zac Dysert rated 68 overall.

For video game purposes, you may want to have a Plan B in Madden this year.