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Denver Broncos Training Camp:Top 5 positional battles and depth chart

On the eve of players reporting to camp, let's take a look at the current depth chart and identify what Bronco Mike sees as the top five positional battles in training camp.

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18 Manning

17 Osweiler

2 Dysert

9 Renner


28 Ball

22 Anderson

23 Hillman

35 Bibbs

34 Brennan

40 Thompson

33 Williams

WR 1

88 Thomas

12 Caldwell

16 Fowler

15 Wilson


WR 2

10 Sanders

14 Latimer

13 Palmer

11 Norwood


WR 3

83 Welker

19 Burse

87 Hardin


TE 1

80 Thomas

84 Tamme

89 Robinson


TE 2

85 Green

86 Morrah

82 Konz



78 Clady





74 Franklin





66 Ramirez

64 Montgomery

61 Paradis



65 Vasquez





75 Clark

77 Justice

79 Schofield



77 Justice

70 Painter

71 Cornick



63 Garland

73 Miller

67 Sterling


- Ronnie Hillman is your #3 until further notice.  Experience means a lot heading into camp even if his position is tenuous in the minds of Broncos fans.

- Behind the trio of Thomas, Green, and Tamme, there's a whole lot of question marks.  Tamme will stick for a while and right now I'm tempted to say he's a lock to make the team.  People root for Gerrell Robinson each and every year but like always it will be wait and see.

- No surprises at WR.

- The depth pecking order behind the five starters on OL goes Justice, Schofield, Painter, for the tackles and Montgomery, Paradis, Garland at guard/center.  All others are camp bodies and would have to be impressive to make a splash.








94 Ware

93 Smith

62 Latta

68 Anunike


95 Wolfe

97 Jackson

72 Davis



92 Williams

96 Unrein

76 Austin



98 Knighton

99 Vickerson

91 Fua



58 Miller

55 McCray

48 Barrett

52 Harris

49 Vaughn


56 Irving

57 Barrow

53 Johnson

51 Chaney


59 Trevathan

54 Marshall

47 Nelson

50 Fort

CB 1

21 Talib

36 Webster

39 Young


CB 2

29 Roby

32 Carter

45 Murphy


CB 3

25 Harris Jr.





26 Moore

30 Bruton

38 Carter

20 Boyett


43 Ward

27 Ihenacho

31 Bolden

42 Sullen

41 Mitchell

- DL total should be 8 with a 4/4 breakdown.  In this case the only battle at DE would be for that backup rush spot between Smith, Latta, and Anunike.  I see both reserve DT spots as being open.  Fua can unseat Vickerson if big Vick is not productive after the injury, Marvin Austin can replace Unrein.

- Holy LB Batman! Everything is open behind the trio of Trevathan, Miller, and Irving.  If we're talking about 7 roster spots, right now my 7 are Trevathan, Miller, Irving, Barrett, McCray, Barrow, Nelson.  Linebacker will be by far feature the most contentious battles in camp.

- How about this for a slight bombshell?  I expect Bradley Roby to start  on the outside along Aqub Talib.  Chris Harris Jr. can hang but he was put into that position last season by the injury to Champ Bailey.  My locks are Talib, Roby, Harris Jr., and Webster.  Tony Carter will be fighting with the other guys for a spot.

With Safety, so long as Quinton Carter is healthy, I see Omar Bolden as your bubble boy in a battle with the other depth.

Top 5 Camp Battles

5. Swing Tackle

The Battle for RT most likely will be between Chris Clark and Winston Justice.  The loser of that battle belongs to the next group of Painter and Schofield.  Though I do not think Schofield will be cut, the loser of that battle very well might be.

Projected roster spots: 9 OL

My picks: Clady, Franklin, Ramirez, Vasquez, Clark, Schofield, Paradis, Painter, one of Montgomery/Garland.

4. Backup Safety

Behind the projected starters, there should be a fierce battle for the last three spots.  Behind Ward, Ihenacho has the inside track.  He has to clean up his tackling and learn to take better angles, but he's still a young player that flashed play-making ability.  We know what we have in David Bruton, but the star special-teamer and seasoned vet is not going anywhere.

My feeling is that it will be Omar Bolden, Quinton Carter, and the rest of the guys battling for that 5th spot.  What happens ahead of them could also bring some surprises as well.

Projected roster spots: 5 S

My picks: Moore, Ward, Ihenacho, Carter, Bruton

3. Backup SAM LB

Both might end up making the roster, but one of the better battles of camp might be between Shaquil Barrett and Lerentee McCray.  Both have explosive qualities to disrupt plays.  Right now Barrett might have the inside track with his versatility--he moved all along the line at CSU.

Projected roster spots: 2 SAM LB

My pick: Shaquil Barrett

2. Coverage LB

Corey Nelson projects more as a WILL as a 3-down starter but as a coverage/sub-package player, he will be fighting it out with fellow rookie Lamin Barrow to see if the Broncos can trust one of them with coverage duties.

Projected roster spots: 1 coverage MLB

My pick: TJ Ward (hehehe, gotcha!)

1. Backup RB

It's Montee Ball and everyone else, even though a clear pecking order exists heading into camp.  We have 6 guys battling for what should amount to 3 spots.  My four would be Ball, Anderson, Hillman, and Bibbs.

Did you notice how each and every important position battle is amongst backup spots on the roster?  Thank you John Elway.

Do you agree with my diagnosis and prognostications fellow Bronco-ites?  Sound off!