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Strength at wide receiver should only improve in 2014

Although fan-favorite Eric Decker will be missed in orange and blue, his absence on the field will not be felt once new Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders steps right into the offensive scheme and Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker pick up right where they left off ... at awesome.

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If there is ever a position to feel confident about heading into the Denver Broncos 2014 season, it is the wide receivers. But like all things Broncos, nothing can be taken for granted nor counted a lock.

So let's welcome new MHR member Broncofan22 to give us the skinny on the receiving end of the most prolific - and intimidating - passing game in the NFL.

What do you hope to see from Emmanuel Sanders going into and coming out of Training Camp?

Going into training camp, I'm looking to see him pick up the playbook quickly and begin to secure his spot in the lineup. Coming out of camp and into preseason, I expect to see him be a big part of our offense. I have no doubt that he will replace Decker and exceed No. 87's production. Sanders' style is a much better complement to DT and Welker, in my opinion.

I'm looking to see Sanders pick up the playbook quickly and begin to secure his spot in the lineup. I expect to see him be a big part of our offense. -Broncofan22

What is your gut feeling about Cody Latimer and how he might fit into the team in 2014? What do you hope to see from him in Training Camp and preseason?

My gut feeling is Latimer will be our No. 4 receiver by the end of camp. He will provide solid depth in our strongest position. I want to see him earn his way through camp and get some touches throughout preseason.

What do you think the roles could be of some of the undrafted free agents, Isaiah Burse and Bennie Fowler? What would you like to see from them during camp?

I expect both of these guys to end up on the practice squad - assuming we carry five receivers as we have the past few seasons. It will be interesting considering Trindon Holliday was one of the five in past seasons. I don't see either of them being versatile enough to do much on special teams. Burse claims the Broncos like his return ability, but I don't like the idea of wasting a roster spot on a potential returner when Sanders can fill that need.

Which wide receiver do you expect to have a breakout year on the Broncos offense this season?

Emmanuel Sanders will be the guy that people say breaks out this year - mainly due to Welker and DT already producing large numbers last year - which I expect them to duplicate.

Demaryius Thomas is obviously a great target for Peyton Manning. Do you think the Thomas-Manning combo can be as strong this year as last? Why/why not?

I don't see any reason that production drops off from DT. It's one of the top QB-WR combos in the league. After hearing how he played with a separated shoulder for most of the Super Bowl just shows how determined he is to put in the work.  I'm hoping we can get a long term deal locked up before the season begins.

For a position group that has been a major strength on the team, what is the key thing for Broncos veterans like DT, Wes Welker and Andre Caldwell in Training Camp?

Main thing is to make sure they keep the rest of the guys focused. We need the new guys to pick up on the playbook quick and make sure you're in the right place. PFM obviously doesn't put up with anything besides perfection, and the new guys will need all the help they can get.

Who is your "player to watch" among the wide receivers in this training camp?

Cody Latimer is my player to watch.  There has been a lot of talk about his potential, and I'm excited to see if he can produce. Being from the Midwest, I was nervous with the draft pick as I had not heard much about him. But after some tape, he definitely has a lot of good attributes.  If he has a strong enough camp and preseason, I expect him to be in front of Caldwell as the fourth receiver.

Final comment: Thoughts and prayers to the Bowlen family as Alzheimer's hits close to home. Go Broncos!!