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Peyton Manning misses Broncos fans at camp, too

It's not just the fans missing Peyton Manning. Peyton misses you too.

On if training camp feels different without the fans

"It definitely does. I really missed the fans today and I know we are going to miss them all training camp. Obviously, it's an unavoidable situation with the construction and the logistics of it. Certainly, the building is going to be first class. I think it's much needed and it had to be done, but the disappointment is the fans couldn't come to training camp.  I like having the fans out here during practice. Especially when you get into that third or fourth padded practice and it's kind of the dog days of training camp, those fans lift you up. I've really enjoyed the fan interaction in the two training camps I've had here. One on one, you hear the fans getting into it and it feels like a game. Like I said, it's an unavoidable situation, but I hope the fans know how much they are missed by me. I tried to grease a couple of construction guys and told them to speed this process up so we can maybe get the fans out here for a couple of days during training camp. It was noticeably different today and I think the challenge will be on the players to kind of find that extra motivation internally because it's not going to come from somebody cheering you on over there in the grass like in years past. They have to do just kind of do it themselves."