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Peyton Manning talks blue balls... footballs, that is

You read that right Broncos Country.

Peyton Manning holding an infamous blue football.
Peyton Manning holding an infamous blue football.
Casey Barrett, Mile High Report

After day one of training camp, future Hall Of Fame Quarterback and current Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning met with the media and answered a variety of questions. Then Peyton decided to turn the tables a bit, and he asked the media just one question in what ended up being a very funny exchange between Manning and the media.

You can watch Manning's entire presser on the team's official site. Or here's what Peyton had to say.

"I just have one question. What does it take to get—I mean, a lot of you guys have been here for a number of years and I see you all kind of stand over here, have to get quarantined and roped off, but then I see a certain media member that has all access out there on the field. I noticed he had a very tight shirt on today. Is that why he gets the all access (laughing)?

[Mike] Klis, I don’t want to see you in a tight shirt, but that might be what it takes to get out there. I didn’t mention Jay Glazer, but maybe that’s who I was talking about. I mean, all-access, gets to ride with the head coach, so I think it’s the tight shirt. That was a boys small today. Maybe think about that if you want more access until then I guess you are all going to be over here in your little quarantine. I have nothing to do with the all access thing. Like I said, I think it’s the boy medium who’s wearing the small.

Peyton then surprised them with one more question. The media was curious to ask Manning about the teams focus on ball security, and well Manning had other things in mind.

Manning: "Last thing, I know you wanted to know the ball security thing. Did [Head Coach John Fox] give the answer?

Media: "Same as the green he said."

Manning: "It’s a different color because of training camp, does that make any sense?"

Media: "So will it be green for the regular season?"

Manning: "It won’t be blue during the regular season, but it’s training camp. What color are they during training camp?"

Media: "Blue ball."

Manning: "There it is."

Peyton Manning, the man who is coming off the best season a NFL Quarterback has ever had just tricked the media into saying "Blue Balls".

Moral of the first day of Denver Broncos Training Camp? Do not get the blue balls.

Go Broncos!!