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Fail: Broncos fans don't stretch with players

A "longtime" Broncos tradition - of all of one training camp - is at risk of disappearing forever. Help us keep it going!

Casey Barrett, Mile High Report

A year ago, something remarkable and wonderful and completely random happened. It started a few days into training camp, it came from the sidelines instead of the football field, and the fans kept it going the whole camp through.

Yes, the fans stretched with the Broncos players.

They started it on the third day of training camp, and I don't think they missed a day since.

Until today.

Today the Broncos stretched in front of 21,933 fans, and all but a very few stayed put in their seats.

Can we change that for the stadium scrimmage next Saturday, Broncos fans? Can we?! With your help we can keep this tradition going another offseason into the orange and blue eternity!