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Kevin Vickerson tired of Seattle's smack

"Bleep Seattle...write it down. Take a picture"

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

That's what Kevin Vickerson told Paul Klee of the the Colorado Springs gazette after practice on Monday.  The result of the 43-8 beating in the Super Bowl is one thing to handle, it's an entirely other issue when the opposing team sees fit to shoot their mouths all offseason. For Vickerson it goes deeper than that though, he was originally traded from Seattle to Tennesse in 2010.

"It was a very personal game for me...I cried, I ain't going to lie to you.  You're trying to get to a Super Bowl and then it finally happens and it's your former team and I can't play?  All the emotion is built up inside....I couldn't hold it back, I was trying to fight it.  That's how bad I wanted it."

The Broncos went into that game minus four defensive starters.  Rahim Moore, Chris Harris Jr., Von Miller were all missing due to significant injuries.

"I did the What-ifs too many times. The game would definitely have been different...All we can do now is try to get them back this first game and then the fourth or third game, or whenever we play them. Turn the page."

People can say what they want about professionals not needing anything external to motivate them.  When it comes to situations where your pride has been hurt and someone runs their mouth, you better believe there is extra motivation involved.

There was a lot of chirping going on from the Pacific Northwest all offseason. Remember last year when I identified the phenomenon as "chirping chips?" To the victor belong the spoils and Seattle is where the chirping chips reside.

It's up to the Broncos to cash in come week 3 and bring some of that currency back to the Rocky Mountains.