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Denver Broncos continue to get healthier as preseason football approaches

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

With the news yesterday that stud cornerback Chris Harris Jr. has been cleared for limited practice, the Denver Broncos get back another key piece of their defense. The biggest question mark heading into the regular season was whether Harris would be ready, but with roughly six weeks until the first game of the season it appears he may just be on schedule to help shut down Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

With Von Miller definitely on pace to be in game shape for the regular season, the Broncos defense has a chance to shut the Seattle Seahawks big fat mouths and show the world what the Super Bowl could have looked like had half this defense not been on injured reserve.

Instead, John Elway put together ridiculous roster depth along the defensive line and frankly, I do not give a hoot that this game is in Seattle. In fact, I am glad it is. The only way this road leads to redemption is to exercise those Super Bowl demons in Week 3 and then take it in February from whomever the opponent may be. I plan to relish every moment of this season.

Horse Tracks

  • Andrew Mason gives his run down of Day 5 of Broncos training camp.
  • Dial me up some tackling drills. From all reports it appears the defense has tons of tackling fuel to burn this year. This fan likey.
  • So far, I think the battle in the trenches has been won by the defensive side of the ball. However, with Peyton Manning, the offensive line only has to hold the line for about a second or so.
  • Emmanuel Sanders is in wide receiver heaven and it is probably due to Manning being the greatest quarterback and leader in the league. No offense to Ben Roethlisberger.
  • The Broncos desire to replicate the Seahawks success has gone too far now as they replaced Comcast for key aspects of their Internet and data service at Mile High Stadium with CenturyLink. What's next? Outbidding the Seahawks for the right to call Mile High Stadium, CenturyLink Field? Hey, as long as it brings a Lombardi Trophy back to Denver, let's do it!