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Horse Tracks: AFC West Edition

With the Denver Broncos off on Tuesday, news has seemingly been centered mostly around Peyton Manning's little 'Rocky Top' chicken dance. Let's be honest here folks, the dance was great, but let's not drown the internet over it. That said, let's take the off-day as an opportunity to whip around the AFC West... Turns out there's some interesting stuff afoot.... and not just in Oakland.

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The Broncos are back at practice Wednesday and this one is open to the public at Sport's Authority Field at Mile High. Our own Scotty Payne hit us with the pertinent details in an article published yesterday. If someone could get something autographed by a dozen or so Broncos and mail it to me, I'd be super-appreciative. No body parts please!


Since I no longer live in Denver, I have been glued to 104.3 The Fan's coverage of camp on the internet. At first I was skeptical at what I was hearing. Has the attitude, mentality, and toughness improved in the wake of the disaster last February? That seems to be the resounding conclusion so far into camp. ESPN thinks so too in this article. Heaven help the rest of the NFL if this is half as true as it's reported to be.



via I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate the Raiders Facebook Page

Reports were flying around Tuesday evening that Raiders owner, Mark Davis met with San Antonio city officials, presumably to discuss possibly relocating the team. Needless to say Raider nation didn't take too kindly to the idea. All I can say is that with an ownership family as dedicated to the Oakland area as the Davis' and that sweet baseball stadium they play in, how could you possibly think there was any credence to the story? Yee Haw, y'all!


Did you know that the Chiefs used to hold training camp in Wisconsin? Yup, they did! Crazy. Five years ago they relocated camp to Missouri Western University (within 100 miles of Arrowhead Stadium). Now it looks like they could be on the move again.


It turns out that Ray Rice isn't the only domestic abuse dirtbag in the NFL. Former Charger and current Pittsburgh Steeler Cam Thomas is under investigation for domestic abuse and... other things. If what's alleged proves to be true, Commissioner Roger Goodell should be relieved that he'll be able to right the wrong with Rice and lay the hammer down to make an example out of him. I can dream, can't I? Sigh...


It's awful to end Horse Tracks on a note like that. So here's a look back at one of the greatest games in our history. With all the excitement about our retooled defense, now's a good time to reintroduce you to the 'Broncos Blizzard' of 1984. Actually, all you need to see is the first quarter. Check it out.

Go Broncos!