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Horse Tracks: Marvin Austin impressing

Could the talented defensive tackle resurrect his career in Denver?

Casey Barrett, Mile High Report

Defensive Tackle Marvin Austin has had a rocky start his to NFL Career. The former second round pick of the New York Giants missed his entire rookie year with a torn pectoral muscle. Austin was released by the Giants and has had short stints with the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys. On May 5th the Denver Broncos signed the talented defensive tackle to a one year deal.

I, at the time, thought this was a perfect fit for Austin. The Broncos recently have had very good success at turning around the careers of some defensive tackles who were considered disappointments at the time. Brodrick Bunkley had a breakout year for the Broncos, and this past year, Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton turned into a dominant defensive tackle in the league. Now the Broncos coaching staff turn its sights to the very talented Marvin Austin.

The results early on show that Austin could be the next "bust" defensive tackle to find success in the Rocky Mountains.

Austin has found himself in Andrew Mason's notes after every practice.

With defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson still only participating on a limited basis, Austin has been getting plenty of reps with the second team defense, and even saw sometime with the first team defense in Wednesday's practice.

Let's hope Austin can keep up his dominance, and most importantly stay healthy.

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