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Broncos training camp: Kaptain's Log for a rainy Day Eight

The Broncos practice in full pads as they return to Dove Valley.

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It rained the entire time all the way down to Dove Valley this morning and it is still sprinkling when I hit the field at 8:35 and wait for the players to exit the building. I see Terrell Davis is here with the NFL Network. I don't feel nearly as prepared for today than I was yesterday at the stadium. For one, 85% of my clothing is Bronco stuff and 95% of my hats are. Wearing team garb as a media member is a no-no, so like I said, I am a bit unprepared and sincerely hope it doesn't turn into a downpour. Still, isn't this supposed to be Summer? I don't mind the rain, but my notepad is not waterproof. At 9:00 am on the dot, the first HORN begins practice.

Walkthrough's start with a twist on the norm. The 2nd unit is working on the field in front of me and the '1's" are over on the other field. John Boyett is back at practice and he is working at Safety. Kapri Bibbs, who had a good outing at the stadium practice, appears to have earned more reps, as he is the first running back taking snaps with the 2nd unit. Michael Schofield is at RT and Winston Justice is holding down the left side. HORN.

The team stretch period begins and I hear some Reggae music coming through the P.A. System. The second song is provided by Kenny Chesney. Louis Yong (groin), Chase Vaughn (knee) and Greg Latta (hip) were each held out of practice today. The rain finally lets up and there's the HORN.

The individual position group drill start with the defense on the field in front of me and the offense on the far field. Hurdles sleds, back pedal drills, pass rush shedding the blocker; the typical drills I've been reporting. I see thatJerome Murphy has the blue ball in his possession. This appears to be a stigma that is passed around when someone fumbles or drops a pass or in this case, an interception. The 1st team offense moves down to do some goal line work. HORN.

11 on 11's start the next segment and Peyton Manning throws a bomb to Julius Thomas. Manning goads the defensive line because they aren't rushing as hard as they should, in his opinion. That changes very quickly. Since this session is happening on the far field, the media are allowed to walk around and view the going's on from an end zone vantage point. Since I am myopic, I won't be able to give accurate yardage measurements for the running backs.

Brock Osweiler steps up and hands off to Ronnie Hillman, who runs for about 5 yards. C.J.Anderson gets a couple more on the following play. The Osweiler make a nice deep throw complete to Cody Latimer. Juwan Thompson for 3 yards. Jordan Sullen breaks up a pass intended for Isaiah Burse. Kapri Bibbs runs with authority, stays up and grinds out 4 yards on back to back snaps. Zac Dysert throws a quick out to Cam Morrah and thr HORN sounds.

7 on 7's begin with Manning connecting with Bubba Caldwell on the first snap. After three consecutive completions to Julis Thomas, Demaryius Thomas and Cody Latimer respectively, Kayvon Webster intercepts a pass intended for Jacob Tamme. Osweiler throws complete to Cam Morrah and I am handed a Krispy Kreme donut, so the next few notes are done "single-handedly." A nice aerial connection between Osweiler and Jordan Norwood precedes a 10-yard catch by Kapri Bibbs. Brock dumps off another pass to Bibbs and then Zac Dysert steps in. Dysert completes passes to Isaiah Burse, Jameson Konz and again to Burse before throwing an incomplete pass. He tries another pass for Isaiah Burse, but it goes in and out of the rookie receiver's hands. HORN.

11 on 11's again and I finally notice that Peyton Manning is wearing gloves once again. The offense runs an isolation play for Demaryius Thomas and then Lerentee McCray jumps up and tips the ball at the line of scrimmage on the next snap. Manning completes passes to Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders before giving way to the 2nd unit. On a play action drop, the pocket collapses completely and multiple defenders are there for the sack. Juwan Thompson runs for a few yards. David Bruton makes a sack on the next play. Jerrell Harris misses a sure interception opportunity. HORN.

The team takes a water break and I see that the blue ball is now in the possession of Jordan Norwood. When they begin again, the special teams punt protection and returners get reps. Britton Colquitt is busy today because the field may be too soft to haul the JUGG's machine out on. I can see receivers and defensive backs (probably the gunners) doing tip drills at the goal line while a coach bounces a soccer ball for them to catch or tip without touching the goal line. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Sanders, Jordan Norwood, Isaiah Burse, Julius Thomas and Wes Welker are shagging punts. It is beginning to warm up a bit. The punt coverage unit takes about five full-on live reps before the next HORN.

Juwan Thompson has the blue ball now as 11 on 11's begin anew. In between completions to Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, Montee Ball runs for 2-3 yards. T.J. Ward is there to sack Manning, Welker makes a nice grab and Ronnie Hillman gains 3 yards. Manning's pass for Julius Thomas at the goal line is incomplete. Brock Osweiler steps in and is promptly sacked by Steven JohnsonBrandon Marshall and Terrance Knighton. Brock overthrowsBennie Fowler on a deep offering and then Kapri Bibbs gaons 4-5 yards. Juwan Thompson gets a couple yards and then Osweiler overthrows Gerell Robinson. HORN.

11 on 11's again. Peyton throws complete to Emmanuel Sanders and C.J. Anderson gets a few yards. Jordan Norwood has the blue ball again. Osweiler rotates in and throws complete to Gerell Robinson and then connects deep with Bennie Fowler. Juwan Thompson gets 3 yards, then Kapri Bibbs gains about 5 yards and Juwan Thompson gets stuffed. Zac Dysert gets picked off by David Bruton. Then Zac passes to Isaiah Burse and Brennan Clay picks up 4 yards. HORN.

After another water break, the special teams punt protection/coverage begins again. Jordan Norwood still has the blue ball except when he takes his rep as the return man. Emmanuel Sanders, Isaiah Burse and Wes Welker are each fielding punts during this segment. After 5 minutes, the field goal unit comes in and both kickers get to attempt from about 30,40 and 50 yards against the protable goal posts that are narrowed. Both kickers make all of their five attempts. HORN.

Goal line drills complete the last segment of the morning practice. After a mix of several runs and passes, one of which is tipped incomplete, the final HORN sounds to wrap it up.

John Fox on the second day in rainy conditions:

"I think today, obviously the conditions were better. It wasn't quite as wet as it was yesterday, but in all, I think the guys handled it well. The field was in great shape today sp I don't think they felt the effects quite like they did yesterday."

Rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer on getting comfortable in the offense:

"It's a lot better, but there is a lot of stuff I still need to work on and learn so I'm still. It's better than what it was but I still have a lot of room to grow."

Go Broncos!

-- Kaptain Kirk

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