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Ndamukong Suh wants to sack Peyton Manning

"My soul, is as open as the sky. Often time, it's just as blue. People tell me, I need to keep on dreamin."

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Beast from Motown has one quarterback on his bag-list and it happens to be Peyton Manning.

Via John Conzano and the Oregonian:

"Peyton Manning --- without question. Peyton's going to go down in the Hall of Fame as one of the best who ever played. I want to take him down. Plus, one of my best friends met Peyton at the Pro Bowl two years ago, shook his hand and wouldn't wash his hand for two days....I want to take his hero down."

I've loved Ndamukong Suh's play all the way back to Nebraska.  I personally have no problem with a little grit and nastiness especially amongst the defensive front.

But Suh is going to have to wait another season to accomplish his goal.  The Lions are not on the Broncos menu this year, and only a meeting in the Super Bowl would set up this blockbuster matchup.

At this point, I'd give the city of Detroit a better shot at paying off all it's debts over the Lions making the Super Bowl--then again Joe Flacco has a ring.

Next season, if Peyton returns, the Broncos are scheduled to play the NFC North in the rotation and you can guarantee Suh will be licking his chops at the opportunity.  Lets hope if it gets to that point the Succulent Baby Lamb will take a dive.  No need to go down like Tebow in the Lions den...