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Independence Weekend Open Thread

Hello folks!

Mitchell Layton

Normally Cali takes this responsibility, but the emperor has taken some leave and asked me to step in and keep this thing goin' this weekend.

So here it is, come and hang out, mingle, and talk about anything you want to.


Community Guidelines apply....above all just be nice people to each other.  Use this as an opportunity to get to know each other--and be kind to visitors from other blogs, we can wait for the Regular Season before puttin' on that mug ug.

Pot Roast accepts Bronco Mike's Challenge

Terrance Knighton is a cool cat.  The 4th was his birthday and it gave me an opportunity to write a post about his kick-ass play last well as issue a challenge:

You never know how twitter will go.  Sometimes these guys will respond back, sometimes they won't.  Later on in the evening, I fired a 2nd challenge:

To which I got this response:

So there it is Broncos Country.  A crazy challenge has be answered, and at some point Pot Roast will do battle with Bronco Mike over many, many wings.

Don't know how it will unfold yet, but I'm excited for the challenge, and excited to meet a class act.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, and remember to be safe!