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Horse Tracks: Broncos in cap trouble?

Good morning Broncos Country!

Kevin C. Cox

Dreessen and Tamme still make way too much

Currently, at least until the rosters league wide are cut to 53 players following the fourth preseason game, teams only have to be under with their top 51 salary-cap figures. That puts the Broncos under the cap right now, but with their top 51 coming in at just over $132 million (the cap baseline is $133 million per team) they will have to do at least some work before the end of the preseason -- even with some accounting benefits like rolling over some unused cap space from 2013 -- to sign Thomas, get 53 players under the cap and have enough room to effectively deal with any potential players on injured reserve.

Overall, the Broncos have about $4.6 million of workable cap space after counting their top 51 contracts, including rollover from last year, as they turn toward training camp. So it's a good time to take a look at some money matters and where things stand at some of the notable spots on the depth chart.

This subject has quietly made it through to this point without a lot of discussion.  But if you've ever read any of my cap analysis you know that I've identified the TE position as having the most fat to cut away.  Both Joel Dreessen (2.5 million) who has been battling injuries, and Jacob Tamme (3.0 million) are scheduled to make way too much money for their expected roles in the offense.

Make no mistake, Julius Thomas is the big dog on the roster and Virgil Green more than compensates for the role Joel Dreessen plays.  Not only that, but the Broncos are flush at WR which devalues some of Tamme's skill set like when he stepped in at times to man the slot with Wes Welker out of the lineup.

The Broncos are in no rush to cut bait with one of these players, but mark my words.  One or both of these players will be missing off the final 53-man roster come September.

Got Netflix?

I don't want to judge the way a player spends their money....but if you're an NFL player having to ask twitter to use a subscription that costs about 8.99 a might want to hire a new agent.

The good news? If you do find yourself in financial trouble, you can always count on Ian Henson to bail you out...

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