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Horse Tracks: Peyton Manning to Yao Ming?

Good Morning Broncos Country!

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Scott Kacsmar ponders tall basketball players vs. short corners

Brock Osweiler is the tallest guy on the team, why not put his worthless ass out wide at the goalline?  What's that saying about white men and jumping?

Give us what we want Goodell

The NFL offers us a yearly subscription service to "Game Rewind" which allows us to watch every single game (except for preseason) going back 4-5 years.  For the newer games we have perks like "All-22" film which gives guys like me a way to scout and watch the game more like a pro would do.

But I saw an interesting suggestion by Topher Doll and I'd like to throw my support around it.

The NFL (who already has the NFL Network as a platform to do such a thing) should charge a subscription service for every game ever recorded and digitized to video.  We know from NFL Films these guys have all the footage.  We would also be foolish to believe that these older forms of video are not already digitized and stored for backup and reference, why not open this up to your fanbase and charge a year-to-year subscription fee?

Wouldn't you love to go back and watch the Orange Crush teams of the late 70's?  How about the Reeves led teams of the early 80's for those of you too young to remember?

I would pay for it.

Horse Tracks

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