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Know your enemy: Does size matter?

It seems like in today's NFL the name of the game is size. Bigger, faster, stronger, better. When looking at matchups on the outside, World Champion Seattle has many teams trying to replicate it's success on defense with a larger secondary.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs even saw fit to dump their best player in the secondary in a move for a bigger fit to their scheme.

Our Broncos are not necessarily one of these teams.  We have guys that are sticky man to man, but size is not a prerequisite.  Only Aqib Talib stands above 6 feet amongst the top Broncos Corners.  Bradley Roby stands at 5-11, with both Chris Harris Jr. and Kayvon Webster at 5-10.

I want to look ahead at our opponents to see the interesting matchups that will arise from size, or lack thereof.

2014 Receiving Opponents

This is early, so take orders and missing names with a grain of salt, we can always revisit this later on in the season.


WR 1

WR 2

WR 3

WR 4

TE 1

TE 2


Wayne 6-0

Nicks 6-1

Hilton 5-9

Moore 6-4

Allen 6-3

Fleener 6-6


Bowe 6-2

Hemingway 6-1

Avery 5-11

Jenkins 6-0

Kelce 6-6

Harris 6-7


Rice 6-4

Kearse 6-1

Harvin 5-11

Richardson 6-0

Miller 6-5

Willson 6-5


Fitzgerald 6-3

Floyd 6-3

Ginn 5-11

Brown 6-2

Ballard 6-6

Carlson 6-5


Decker 6-3

Hill 6-4

Ford 5-9

Nelson 6-5

Amaro 6-5

Sudfeld 6-7


Crabtree 6-1

Boldin 6-1

Lloyd 6-0

Johnson 6-2

Davis 6-3

Celek 6-5


Allen 6-2

Floyd 6-5

Royal 5-10

Brown 5-11

Gates 6-4

Green 6-6


Thompkins 6-1

LaFell 6-2

Edelman 5-10

Boyce 5-11

Gronk 6-6

Hooman 6-4


Jones 6-1

Streater 6-3

Moore 6-0

Criner 6-3

Ausberry 6-4

Rivera 6-3


Britt 6-3

Pettis 6-3

Austin 5-8

Givens 6-0

Cook 6-5

Kendricks 6-3


Wallace 6-0

Hartline 6-2

Landry 5-11

Binns 6-3

Clay 6-3

Egnew 6-5


Watkins 6-1

Woods 6-0

Goodwin 5-9

Williams 6-2

Chandler 6-7

Moeaki 6-3


Green 6-4

Jones 6-2

Sanzenbacher 5-11

Sanu 6-2

Gresham 6-5

Eifert 6-6


From the WR position, our secondary will face two bonafide receiving superstars in Larry Fitzgerald and AJ Green. At TE, the task at hand seems much more difficult with a couple of superstars in Gronk and Davis, and a lot of dangerous young up-and-comers.

Largest Duos

The Jets have the potential to boast the largest 1-2 punch the Broncos will see in 2014, and it will all depend on the progression of Stephen Hill. The Rams are just behind them with both top receivers coming in at 6-3. Cincinnati is also up there with Green and Jones averaging 6-3 combined.

Oompa Loompa-ville

Contrary to the larger fellahs, the Broncos will face some smaller matchups when they battle Indy, San Francisco, and Buffalo.

Deepest receiving corps on schedule

The top spot goes to San Francisco.  My goodness they are loaded.  From there Seattle, San Diego, and Arizona matchup with talent.

It's gonna be a laugher

The Rams and Chiefs should provide our secondary with some much needed rest.  Jeff Fisher may have built that defense but he has done a downright crap job to provide Sam Bradford with weapons.  Then again, Sam Bradford isn't that great in the first place.

I will have a hard time taking anything the Chiefs at the WR position seriously.  In order for them to succeed, they need to rely on their two huge young TE's to create some mismatches.

Dark horse

Within our division the Raiders can make some noise on the outside.

They  already had a young talented corps of receivers and went out and added a veteran QB and possible #1 in James Jones during the offseason.  Can't sleep on them, especially since they also have immense talent at the TE position.