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Broncos are trending on Twitter, and it sucks

Thanks, Brazil.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

An odds-on favorite getting utterly, surprising blown out on the world's greatest stage?

A fanbase that was... hungry... for a championship?

History has a way of repeating itself.

Too subtle? Let me spell it out for you.

Thank you Alex.

Yes, the word "Broncos" was trending on Twitter Tuesday night because one football team beat up on another, and everyone on Twitter is hilarious.

Okay, I laughed at that last one.

All this being said, "Broncos" may have had some Twitter help thanks to Barack Obama's visit to Denver Tuesday.

This is our medicine, Broncos fans. We've been taking it, and taking it, and taking it. Most of us over the age of 25 have taken it before.

Self-deprecating humor can be cathartic, Broncos fans. Your best Broncos jokes in the comments.