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Misconceptions about the Broncos roster

This being the season of speculation, I wanted to address some of the ideas floating around that from my perspective do not make a lot of sense when it comes to the Broncos roster.

Ronald Martinez

Misconception #1: Duke Ihenacho is on the bubble

I feel partly responsible for this one because I was more vocal about his negative plays down the stretch.  Ideas plant seeds, and one of the ones that has come to harvest is that somehow Duke Ihenacho is not worthy of a roster spot on the Broncos.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy the Broncos addressed the SS position by adding TJ Ward to the roster, but Duke is a young player with more positives than negatives.  The biggest issue with saying Duke Ihenacho is on the bubble is not understanding the fact that out of all the positions on the team (except for maybe running back), safety is the thinnest.  Behind him are a trio of UDFA or futures contract players that have done nothing to separate themselves from the competition.  Right now Duke is a backup and first in line to see extended playing time if Ward goes down.

Misconception #2: Broncos should keep Isaiah Burse and let go of Bubba Caldwell

Two things factor into this misconception.  The first is the emergence and steady play of rookie WR Cody Latimer.  The 2nd is the fact that the Broncos need a return man and Burse can fill that roll.  From this line of thinking I get the feeling that folks think a swap between Burse and Caldwell is an apples to apples trade off.  Bubba Caldwell is heading into his 3rd year with Manning in this offense.  Bubba Caldwell stepped in and made an impact when Welker went down late in the season and the Broncos used a combination of he and Jacob Tamme to fill the void.  He is the guy most prepared to step in at any of the receiver spots if someone goes down.  Latimer cannot duplicate that versatility this early, Burse's added value as a returner is diminished due to the rise of touchbacks on kickoffs.

If the Broncos make room for Burse on the roster, I expect them to keep 6 WR.  It will take a gargantuan effort by both Burse and Latimer to make Caldwell expendable.

Misconception #3: Broncos need to show a sense of urgency at camp

I would have agreed with this sentiment all the way up until I saw practice.  This one is more difficult for me to represent in words.  Yesterday I received a question about what I noticed regarding the team's drive and determination.  I think as fans we tend to hold onto those things and glorify them more because we romanticize this game.  Most of us have never put on pads to make a living or put food on the table.  I don't mean to minimize the player's experience, but sometimes I think we as fans live vicariously through the players and get sucked into feeling more emotional highs and lows than they do.

When I watched guys battling in one on one's, more than anything else, I saw two guys competing and trying to win their matchup.  That's as far as I read into anything.

When Manning threw a pass I did not get the sense he was thinking of throwing a pick in the Super Bowl.

Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it, but those that dwell on it will never move forward.

I hate to bring out the whole Allen Iverson "It's just practice" spiel because it discredits the hard work the players are putting in.  I think from a fans perspective though, we need to be told that.  It's just practice. They are in the moment. They are trying to win that battle, that matchup.  They are trying to fulfill their responsibility and role during that specific play and nothing more.

As fans, I think it's time we let it go.  As I wrote a few months ago, 43-8 no longer exists.  This is a new season and everyone has started from scratch.

Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it, but those that dwell on it will never move forward.