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Breaking down the Broncos' three touchdowns over the Seahawks, GIF-style

Let's break down the Broncos' three touchdowns to see how this 2014 team gets in the end zone.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos (1-0) knocked off the Seattle Seahawks (0-1) in their preseason opener on Thursday evening, winning 21-16. For those of you who missed the game, we have a GIFtastic recap.

First, running back Ronnie Hillman punched it in from one yard out, giving Denver a 7-0 lead with 9:09 remaining in the first quarter. Hillman finished the game with 15 yards on six carries.

Broncos 7, Seahawks 0.

Breakdown: Sometimes in the NFL, touchdowns are really pretty (see the Brock Osweiler throw two GIFs from now). Sometimes in the NFL, it's an ugly mass of sweaty 300-pound men collapsing into one another, with one group of men ever-so-slightly able to push the other mob back. This is one of those touchdowns, with the Broncos' Big Nasties out-nastying the Seahawks'. Ronnie Hillman said he "just fell back" into the end zone thanks to his blockers, and that's a fair statement.

Ryan Clady absolutely destroys Michael Bennett in this play. Actually, Clady destroys Julius Thomas too. No wonder Bennett was holding onto Thomas' helmet for what seemed like a minute after the play completed. After that type of domination I'd be holding for dear life too, to anything I could find.

After a Seahawks field goal and touchdown put them up 10-7 in the second quarter, rookie running back Kapri Bibbs helped Denver take back the lead, scoring from three yards out. (Please pardon the pixelation; video of the run can be found here.)

Broncos 14, Seahawks 10.

Breakdown: Here we see trips right with a single tight end. Watch center Will Montgomery closely. He makes this play happen, doing a terrific job engaging one Seahawks defensive lineman just long enough before taking out a linebacker as well. The rest of the linemen do just enough to give running back Kapri Bibbs an inch; Bibbs makes the most of it, running through the collapsing hole with speed and confidence. This was all Montgomery and Bibbs.

The Ospreys then kicked another field goal, taking a 16-14 lead in the fourth quarter. Undaunted, Brock Osweiler led the team down the field and hit Jordan Norwood on a beautiful 34-yard pass for the game-winning score.

Denver 21, Seattle 16.

Breakdown: Many people criticized Brock Osweiler's interception in the third quarter for his failure to look off the safety. Watch him do exactly that on this 34-yard touchdown to Jordan Palmer, with the Seahawks in (what looks like) a single high safety look.

Osweiler's pocket was collapsing as well, and he threw the football in just over three seconds. This was probably the most impressive play of the third-year quarterback's preseason career.

Denver would go on to win the game, handing Seattle their first preseason loss in over two years. Not exactly "revenge," but we'll take it!

Special thanks to Bronco Mike for the GIFs, Monty for the breakdowns, and NFL Preseason Live for the footage.