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Broncos training camp: Defensive line dominates on Monday, Day 19

Kaptain's Log: In preparation for Sunday, the team practiced in full pads.

Kevin C. Cox

Monday's Denver Broncos training camp practice at  Dove Valley was a mid-morning , full pads session. The team began their preparations for Sunday's preseason Week 2 matchup with the 49ers at the new  Levi's stadium. They were in uptempo mode once again and didn't waste any time between segments.

Attendance Report

Emmanuel Sanders (quad),C. J.Anderson (concussion protocol) and Montee Ball (appendectomy) were all in shorts and observing practice. Jacob Tamme (personal, excused), Greg Latta (hip) and Chase Vaughn (knee) did not participate today. Malik Jackson and Louis Young did return to participate today.

Walkthrough begins at the HORN.

The special teams did kickoff coverage work today. I saw T.J.Ward wearing a pair of day-glo yellow cleats and Von Miller had on a pair of socks that matched perfectly with Ward's shoes.  Those cleats must have been uncomfortable because an assistant emerged with another pair for the safety.

Stretch Music

The audio to the recent Rap video that the brother's Manning made on fantasy football was the first song played today. Earth, Wind and Fire's "Let's Groove", Poison's "Nothing But a Good Time" and "Lust for Life" by Drake were on the playlist too. Jason Elam and his kids stop by to say hello and Brian Dawkins is out observing the  young defensive back corps and converse with Rod Woodson. Foo Fighters "My Hero" is the last tune played before things get serious. HORN.

Practice begins

The primary part of the team drills was spent doing situational stuff, but all three groups worked against their counterparts as well as the red hat scouts. Wide receiver Nate Palmer had a highlight catch , leaping high above the defender and bringing it down for a touchdown. Juwan Thompson is slotted 4th on the Broncos depth chart, but with Ball and C.J. Anderson out, I expect he will get some extended work on Sunday. HORN.

Things that stood out

During the team stretch, a military chopper did a fly-by sporting a Bronco flag on its flank. The crew made an appearance at practice near the end.

Bradley Roby is showing the talent that got him drafted. I see him during the "little things" that will pay dividends when the game slows down enough for his instincts to take over. The fact that he works against the likes ofDemaryius Thomas as well as the fleet-footed Emmanuel Sanders on a daily basis will help him get up to speed more rapidly. He also got an interception, or a near one at least during practice. HORN.

Shaq Barrett stood out to me. I don't know if he is in the mix, for a roster spot but he made a few plays that got my attention today. John Boyett lost his helmet on one play and earned an "Atta boy" from his coach on another play. Rahim Moore delivered a hard hit to Brennan Clay on another play that got the DB's "chirping." At one point, it looked like Derek Wolfe picked a fight to inspire his teammates to practice harder. He was in the mix, but I'm told that it was Winston Justice and Sione Fua who were the combatants.

Omar Bolden and Tony Carter had pass breakups, while Von Miller, Kenny AnunikeQuanterus Smith and Malik Jackson had their moments in the offensive backfield. In fact, Malik had the play of the day, batting down a pass at the line of scrimmage and tipping it to himself for the interception. HORN.

Quanterus Smith and Lerentee McCray did some one on one work with each other after practice, and Demaryius Thomas did some work with Kayvon Webster.


Head coach John Fox on if DE DeMarcus Ware makes the Broncos' defense better:

"Yeah, he didn't get a lot of action last week against Seattle and it will kind of be more of the same part this week with San Francisco. [LB Von] Miller didn't get any reps in that game--this week either--but he is out there in team drills and I like the way he is coming. Both of those guys help the edge and we do look better."

On rookie CB Bradley Roby's transition to the NFL:

"Yeah, it is an adjustment. He obviously has all the athletic skills that you are looking for in this league. It is just honing your game in, especially in pass defense. In the NFL you've got a lot of good cornerbacks in this league, so you have to be very sharp, very exact, attention to detail in your technique. He is learning how to do it and he is working very hard at it."

LG Orlando Franklin on what he took from the Seahawk's preseason game:

"I learned that we came out--and although it was a preseason game--we kind of got after it. And that's what we're looking to do. It was a great start, but we have to be able to build on that and definitely got to be able to take it up a notch each and every week."

WR Isaiah Burse on if learning the Broncos' offense is different than learning other NFL teams' offenses:

"Absolutely. People that come here from other teams say that this offense is way harder than the offense I was at before.  I believe it. This offense isn't too bad. I feel like it's a fun offense and it's an exciting offense and with this offense I feel like we can score a lot of points with this offense. That's not a bad thing."

CB Chris Harris on the depth of the secondary:

"Yeah, we're very deep. That's what it's going to take. It's going to take all--whatever corners we choose, it's going to take  from the No.! to the very bottom corner---and the same thing with the safeties---to be able to make it to the Super Bowl again."

On how he's feeling:

"I feel great. It's kind of like I didn't even tear it (his knee) again. It's kind of how I feel. I did a great job with the rehab and now it's just getting in game shape. Getting in game shape really is all it is for me."

S Rahim Moore on how to adjust to new competition:

"Our competition is fantastic with [Exec V.P. of Football Operations/GM ] John Elway and [Head]Coach [John] Fox. They have done a great job getting talent out here. You can never get complacent or comfortable because someone could take your spot. We have a lot of depth so it keeps us on our toes and at the same time it teaches us how to compete and help out one another. It teaches us how to actually be a coach and get coached."

WR Demaryius Thomas on what the offense can do this season:

"I think we can be good, but I'm not going to say it's better than last year because we set new records. We still have to work, but I feel like we'll have a similar offense this year also."

On the physicality RB Juwan Thompson brings top the position:

"He's ACC, so of course he's going to bring some physicality. It's great to see him come out in the last game. He's not running out of bounds, he's running someone over. I think that's an addition we could need on this team. I think it's good."

The Broncos continue their preparation for the 49ers tomorrow morning at 8:50 am.

Go Broncos!

- Kaptain Kirk

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