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Remembering Robin Williams as a Denver Broncos cheerleader - Horse Tracks

Somber news this morning with the passing of acting legend, Robin Williams. We'll never truly understand what demons drove him to take his own life, but as a society we can all look back and appreciate the monumental achievements in the arts from one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time.

Many of you may be too young to recall, but Robin Williams was once a Denver Broncos cheerleader.

It's true, in 1980 he, as Mork on the great 1970s comedy Mork and Mindy, led the cheerleading charge for the Broncos only to get cold feet and run away. Pretty hilarious stuff, actually.

Denver Broncos cheerleading aside, Robin Williams was a part of a great many of works that we all watched and enjoyed over the last 30+ years. You'll be missed, Robin!

Now, what about the day's football-related news?

Horse Tracks

  • DeMarcus Ware is already showing why he may be the best addition of all the 2014 free agents. The teeth will be sharp and the blood letting will be fierce. Or something like that...
  • Von Miller may be ready for some limited game action by the August 23 matchup with the Houston Texans. While Montee Ball is about a week away from getting back into the lineup. All I have to say on both counts is #excellent.
  • Apparently this Kenny Anunike cat has been turning heads so far in camp and even irritated Orlando Franklin to the point where Franklin taunted his celebratory actions afterwards. Franklin's explanation of his reasoning was spot on, so maybe Anunike can take a valuable lesson from this incident.
  • Player evaluation continues as the Broncos prep for the San Francisco 49ers. The video is good, the headline is a bit "meh".
  • Josh McDaniel's favorite, Richard Quinn, has retired from the NFL. What's surprising is that it is just now happening. Good job McD!
  • Speaking of McD, here is a good breakdown of his offense. Then again, with Tom Brady, do you really have to work that hard at it?
  • Last but not least, Brandon Spano absolutely crushed some caller who said he was a homer AND a drug addict. Laugh out loud funny.