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Denver Broncos Ice Bucket Challenge: Mile High Report challenges Broncos players

In this... chilling video collection, Mile High Report staffers Laurie, Kyle, Jon, and Jacob challenge the Denver Broncos to fulfill the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It's a social media charity campaign that's gone viral, raising over $4 million for the ALS Association in the past few weeks.

Basically, once you're called out in a challenge, you have 24 hours to match the ice bucket video, or donate $100 to the ALS Association. MHR has spent the last day preparing our challenge; in that time some other NFL teams have gotten in on the action, including the Patriots and the Chiefs.

The Denver Broncos are now up!

Kyle challenges the Broncos offensive line

Jacob challenges Irving, Trevathan, and Webster

Jon challenges Coach Fox and the Broncos' kickers

Laurie's kids challenge Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas

Do you want to challenge some Broncos?

Throw your video in the comments. Let's get the whole team on board!