Practice Squad Rules and Potential Broncos' Candidates (We Can Only Keep Eight)

Justin Edmonds

Three Little Rules of PS Eligibility:

  1. Player cannot have played in (been on the active game day roster of 46) more than 8 regular season games.
  2. Player cannot have already used up his maximum allotment of three PS seasons. Being on a PS roster for at least 3 regular and/or postseason games (bye weeks count for this purpose) constitutes a PS season for the first two PS seasons. Only one game week on a PS roster constitutes a third PS season.
  3. Player must clear waivers before he can be signed to any team's PS.

Added Caveat for Third Year PS Player Eligibility:

The team's regular roster of 53 must not fall below 53 at any time. That is stated in the CBA of 2011. What is not stated is what happens to that 3rd year PS player if the regular roster of 53 does fall below 53. I have heard but cannot confirm that a 3rd year PS player would have to be promoted to the regular roster to fill the empty slot.

Promoting PS Players to the Regular Roster and "Poaching" PS rosters of Other Teams:

  1. No team can sign another team's PS player to their own PS, but they can sign another team's PS player to their regular roster of 53 if they have an open roster slot.
  2. If a PS player is signed to a regular roster (either his original team's or some other team's), he will take up a roster slot and be paid a regular roster minimum salary for at least three weeks, even if he is cut before the end of that 3 week period.

PS Player Salaries:

  1. The minimum PS player salary for a PS player is $6300 per week in 2014 for each week the player is on PS. The minimum increases by $300 per week annually in the CBA.
  2. There is no maximum PS player salary. However, PS player salaries count against the cap.

Potentially PS Eligible (if they don't make the roster AND they clear waivers) Players on the Broncos' Current Roster (Arranged into categories I chose, It's MY fanpost! Some get comments based upon MY opinions.) :

Players Who Have Already Used Two PS Seasons:

  1. Paul Cornick, OT
  2. Ben Garland, G: Appears likely to make the roster
  3. Gerell Robinson, TE
  4. Brandon Marshall, LB: Appears likely to make the roster, especially in view of Trevathan's unfortunate injury.
  5. Nathan Palmer, WR
  6. Jameson Konz, TE

Rookie Draft Picks:

  1. Bradley Roby, CB: Will make the roster.
  2. Cody Latimer, WR: Will make the roster.
  3. Michael Schofield, OT: Will make the roster.
  4. Lamin Barrow, LB: Will make the roster.
  5. Matt Paradis, C: Probable PS player.
  6. Corey Nelson, LB: Probable PS player

Rookie CFAs:

  1. Kenny Anunike, DE: Roster bubble/PS player.
  2. Shaquil Barrett, LB: Possible PS player.
  3. Kapri Bibbs, RB: PS more likely than roster IMO.
  4. Isaiah Burse, WR: Currently PS looks more likely than roster since Jordan Norwood appears to be winning their competition for a 6th WR/returner slot.
  5. Brennan Clay, RB: Thanks for participating.
  6. Mitch Ewald, K: Thanks for participating.
  7. Bennie Fowler, WR: Good size and speed. but raw player in need of development. Possible PS player.
  8. Greg Latta, DE: Sorry you've been injured and unable to participate for a while. Wonder what it might cost to bid you adieu.
  9. Bryn Renner, QB: Thanks for participating.
  10. Jordan Sullen, DB: Has had some nice moments. Possible PS player.
  11. Juwan Thompson, RB: Looking likely to make the roster.
  12. Chase Vaughn, LB: Same situation as Greg Latta.
  13. Louis Young, CB: Very impressive before unfortunate groin pull. Roster bubble/PS player.

Non-Rookies With Less Than Two Previous PS Seasons Who Are Potentially PS Eligible:

  1. John Boyett, S: Has some similarities to Ihenacho. PS more likely than roster IMO.
  2. Jerrell Harris, LB
  3. Cody Larsen, DT
  4. Vinston Painter, G/OT: Chances of making roster looking pretty good based upon athleticism, versatility, and our lack of OL depth.
  5. Will Pericak, DT: Local connection probably not enough to get you over the hump.
  6. Jerodis Williams, RB: Thanks for participating.
  7. Greg Wilson, WR
  8. CJ Anderson, RB: You beat the odds and made the roster once. I think you'll probably do it again.
  9. Zac Dysert, QB: Do we keep three QBs on the roster again? If not, will you clear waivers to PS?
  10. Lerentee McCray, LB: Looking like a roster lock.
  11. Ryan Miller, OL: Has some G/OT versatility and a local connection, but I haven't seen his name in TC reports.
  12. Quanterus Smith: Roster lock and future stud pass rusher.

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