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Horse Tracks: Von Miller getting closer to 100%

Good Morning Broncos Country!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Despite suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament less then 8 months ago, Denver Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller is beginning to look like he did during the 2012 season where he totaled 18.5 sacks. Miller has been showing the speed and explosiveness in practice that has made him almost unblockable at times during his career. While Von might not be 100% just yet, he's getting closer.

"I’m just following [Head Athletic Trainer Steve] ‘Greek’ [Antonopulos]. We’ve been doing a great job so far. It’s really not a set timeline. I’m just coming out here working, grinding, taking advantage of every day I’ve got."

During Friday's last training camp practice, Miller would have had a sack on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in the early goings of the practice. Miller worked past fellow teammate tight end Julius Thomas during the teams 11 on 11 drill. Miller also had a good day of practice on Thursday when he dominated in 1 on 1 drills against teammate Chris Clark.

Getting a healthy/focused Von Miller paired with a healthy DeMarcus Ware will give the Broncos one of the best pass rushing duos in the NFL in 2014, and potentially one of the best pairings ever.

Speaking of DeMarcus Ware, he met one of his biggest fans on the last day of Denver Broncos camp. That person being the mother of Von Miller.

"That’s the first time she’ s met DeMarcus. DeMarcus is her second favorite player in the league, and she wanted to meet him. This is the last day of camp, so I brought him over, and let him meet my mom. She’s a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, too."

After a rough 2013 season for Miller, it's good seeing positive vibes coming from him.

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Horse Tracks: