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Cody Latimer knocks out Antoine Bethea with his blocking

One block that always comes to mind in Broncos lore is the one Ed McCaffrey put on Packer defender Ryan Williams.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

This play set up the Broncos for their final and game winning score in Super Bowl XXXII. Those late 90s teams were tough because everyone was involved in the running game, and even the wide receivers and tight end were were skilled blockers.

Flash forward fifteen years and the Broncos may have found yet another ferocious blocker in Cody Latimer.

"He's big, fast, very tough and an outstanding blocker-maybe the best blocker at the wide receiver position in the draft," John Fox said.

"We really liked the complete package," Elway said. "Really the cherry on top of the sundae was how he goes about and plays the game. He was the best blocking wide receiver, by far, in the draft. He took pride in what he did. He took pride in blocking. To me, that's what separated him."

His diving touchdown catch of a beautifully placed ball by Brock Osweiler was the easy highlight of the day.  This block however is one of the reasons why the Broncos targeted Latimer in the draft, and is one of many examples why the Broncos looked to add physicality to it's roster in the offseason.

Keep your eye on Latimer, at the top of the screen.


Ouch!  You can see the "fencing" reaction from Bethea immediately indicating a concussion.  But this hit was not helmet to helmet or dirty; it was as clean as a smashmouth hit can be.  Back in the day this was called a "slobberknocker."  A hit so hard that you leave the other person with drool dripping down the side of their mouth.

We're certainly not celebrating a concussion, but a block like that is worthy of praise, particularly from a rookie. We wish Bethea a speedy recovery.

Big play ability is something that the elite flash on a regular basis.  In limited action thus far, I like what I see from the young receiver.  One thing's for sure, the Broncos have found themselves a complete player with a nasty streak.