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Denver Broncos already in regular season mode - Horse Tracks

Chris Hall and the Broncos TV crew called it right saying the team was already in "regular season mode" after their 34-0 shutout on the road against the 49ers. September needs to hurry up and get here.

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If there is one thing that has me nervous about how well the Denver Broncos playing is that its happening before the games matter. It's either a harbinger of things to come or its a figment of everyone's imagination. The key will be to keep up the momentum for 20+ more games, because at the end of the day there is only one way this team can say 2014 was a success.

Already, just two games into the preseason, the Broncos look like they are ready to begin the regular season. In about a half of football, Peyton Manning is 22/27 for 182 yards and a touchdown, while Demaryius Thomas has 10 catches for 89 yards. Add a few big plays from Julius Thomas and we can all see that Manning and company are going to pick up right where they left off in 2013. Could Manning end up with 150 touchdowns in three seasons with the Broncos?

I think the answer is very likely considering how well the offensive line is playing and with how quickly Manning gets the ball out of his hands.

The one major hiccup in the Broncos championship goals was losing rising star linebacker, Danny Trevathan, for the first month or so of the regular season. However, with Brandon Marshall having breakout performances against both the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, Bronco fans can rest a little easier until Trevathan is 100%. Marshall showed everyone what total concentration and preparation can do for a player trying to make it in the NFL.

Before I move on to the meat of Horse Tracks, here is a nice little GIF of Cody Latimer cleaning Antoine Bethea's clock that we posted yesterday. Just in case one of you missed it.

Horse Tracks

  • The Broncos dominated the 49ers during the 2013 preseason as well, so maybe we should all reminder ourselves of that come Week 7.
  • Jeff Legwold thinks the salary cap will play a significant role on Cut Day.  I tend to agree and think of at least two veterans that might see the pink slip in a few weeks.
  • Isaiah Burse is running out of time to wow the coaching staff into providing the rookie with a roster spot. Here's to hoping for a year on the practice squad if he isn't able to get some more looks before the regular season.
  • posted their Denver Broncos season review just before their dismantling of the 49ers, which proved ill-timed considering how they put three NFC teams ahead of them in their rankings - including the 49ers no doubt.
  • Here is an inside look into the Broncos team video department. Interesting stuff.