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Tony Gonzalez says the Denver Broncos will go undefeated

19 and 0.


Future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez believes the Denver Broncos are built just like the 2007 New England Patriots and will go undefeated in 2014. The caveat in his prediction? The Broncos won't fail like Tom Brady and the Patriots did in 2007. That's right, 19-0!

Not only that, Peyton Manning and company will get ultimate redemption by slaying the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

"I think it's going to be a Denver-Seattle rematch in the Super Bowl,'' Gonzalez said. "And I would go with Denver this time. Giving Peyton two shots at it, to go against the same team, I'll take Peyton. He didn't have his All-Pro left tackle against them last year and they didn't have their right corner."

Nor did they have Von Miller, Mr. Gonzalez, but you are forgiven. After all, you got this 19-0 thing going on right now that is really making me happy.

Tony Gonzalez went on to say question how teams would be able to beat the Broncos if the Broncos stay healthy. The historic offense is now combined with a defense that has the look of an elite unit. In Gonzalez's own words, "They can run, they can pass, they can stop the run and they can stop the pass now on a consistent basis. It's going to be very, very tough to beat them."

The problem as I see it is the same as it was in 2013, the Broncos are masters in the art of beating themselves. John Elway must have known this as he has done everything he could to ensure that even if they did beat themselves there would be other players who wouldn't. Law of averages, people.

"In looking at Denver in the preseason and Peyton Manning's command of that offense, he'll pick up right where he left off last year," said Gonzalez, "And defensively, they went out like good organizations do and addressed their weaknesses."

Gonzalez was then asked if he would consider coming out of retirement to get that ring with the Broncos and he graciously said he would love to, but it wouldn't be right. The sad thing is, the Broncos are so stacked that it is doubtful Gonzalez would ever even see the field except near the goal line. Even then, why? Julius Thomas is more than able.

Defensively, they went out like good organizations do and addressed their weaknesses." - Tony Gonzalez on the Broncos

Tony Gonzalez is still the greatest tight end ever to play the game (sorry Shannon Sharpe) and could probably start for 90% of the teams in the NFL. The Broncos just happen to be one of the 10%. Gonzalez obviously has no regrets, nor should he.

"I was able to walk away from the game on my own terms," said Gonzalez, "Not a lot of players get a chance to do that. I'm very fortunate to do that. I wouldn't want to go back on that good luck."

So what do you think Broncos Country - is undefeated a real possibility for this team? I sort of hope not as I would be perfectly happy with a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl trophy than having to deal with the pressure of an undefeated season.