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Horse tracks: Cody Latimer shows exceptional talent in practice

The Broncos' rookie receiver showed he has some hops and hands on Thursday, reeling in an impressive touchdown reception in practice against the Texans.

Latimer reels in a big-time touchdown reception over Danieal Manning.
Latimer reels in a big-time touchdown reception over Danieal Manning.

I know we've covered it a few times, but it's just too good to pass up for Horse Tracks. And In Case You Missed It: For Broncos fans who are still unsure of Cody Latimer, or feel like they haven't seen enough out of him in preseason games to believe the training camp hype, I present you with this:

In the video, we see more good things from Brock Osweiler, delivering a ball where only his receiver can get the ball, and we see Cody Latimer rise up and pick the ball out of the air. When most people refer to putting the ball "only where the receiver can get it", they're suggesting that there was no way the defender could have gotten to the ball over the offensive player; however, in this case, it's quite possible that ONLY Cody Latimer could get to that ball. There are very few receivers (and even fewer young receivers) who can make that sort of play. If Latimer can bring these kind of plays on Sunday, he'll be a Broncos fan-favorite in no time.

Vote between this and Demaryius Thomas' eerily similar catch from a few years ago right here.

Horse Tracks:

Broncos quote of the day: Ryan Clady, on what it was like to block DeMarcus Ware as a rookie:

"It was kind of a wakeup call for me because I was like, ‘I don’t know how long I’m going to last in the league going against like this every week.’ It was definitely a challenge, for sure."