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Peyton Manning gets flagged for taunting

No worries about the 15 Peyton, Broncos Country appreciates you!

After a contentious week of practices highlighted by several skirmishes and a lot of trash talk,  Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense extracted a measure of revenge from a secondary that couldn't keep its mouth shut all week. Late in the 1st half after several lackluster drives and even a poorly thrown ball for an interception, Peyton Manning hit Emmanuel Sanders on touchdown passes of 67 yards and 29 yards.

Manning's football revenge came a play or two after Texans SS D.J. Swearinger knocked Wes Welker out of the game with a personal foul of his own.

At the conclusion of the TD connection, Manning sought out Texans Swearinger and gave him the business.


Were the two connected? "I don't know all about that," Coach John Fox said at halftime. "It looked like a clean hit. I know Wes got brought in (the locker room)."

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Take a shot at his wide receiver and Peyton Manning will take a shot at your end zone. The NFL has been warned.


Update 10:13 MDT