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Goodell, NFL roll out new domestic abuse policy

You knew it was coming...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the letter Roger Goodell sent out to every owner in regards to the policy update

And here is the rather ambiguous wording that accompanies the new policy:

The NFL screwed up in the first place in regards to the Ray Rice situation.  Their reaction to all the bad publicity that followed was to conjure up something that now borders on over-reaction and has managed to skirt the NFLPA by making all NFL personnel subject to the new policy.

This is textbook Goodell and the reason why many are upset with his decisions.  If this were simply a case of the NFL trying to hold people accountable, it would be one thing.  But this is nothing more than another sloppily handled heap of garbage meant to cover the league's own rear.  The problem with Goodell is not rules and penalties; it's the inconsistent way in which rules and penalties are written and enforced.

To be perfectly clear, I have no problem with tightening up the leagues policies when it concerns domestic abuse.  It is wrong that Ray Rice received two games while other folks receive much stiffer penalties for recreational drug abuse.  My opinion on the matter is an indictment on the reactionary nature of the NFL and the fact that many of their policies do not seem to be well thought out or fairly implemented.

Ask yourself this question.  If the public had said nothing about the lenient nature of Ray Rice's suspension, would the league have acted in a similar fashion?