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Report: Broncos are auditioning some young kickers

After McManus's up and down performance Thursday night, it appears the Broncos are at least looking for an replacement.


According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Denver Broncos are auditioning some young kickers today. Klis only mentioned on name, and that being Andrew Furney. He participated in the New York Jets Training Camp and impressed some while doing so.

More on Furney

Furney is a rookie kicker who attended college at Washington State. During his tenure there he made 75.6% of kicks. Furney is noted to have an "explosive leg" who is capable of making kicks beyond 60 yards. He's just a little sporadic and needs to work on his accuracy. Sounds a lot like the kicker we have currently.

As Klis mentioned in his tweet the Broncos are hosting "some" kickers today so we'll see if the Broncos decide to stick with McManus or sign Furney or one of the other young kickers who is auditioning to be the Broncos kicker.

Go Broncos!


It appears that McManus is safe for now, but the fact that the Broncos tried out a kicker means his job is by no means safe. We'll see who hits the waiver wire!