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Broncos training camp 2014: Kaptain's log for Monday, Day 12

Broncos practice in full pads as the focus turns towards their matchup with Seattle.

Casey Barrett, Mile High Report

It's going to be a hot one today as I make sure and get the SPF 30 applied. As I grab a seat on the only bench in the media area, to pace myself, I see the JUGG's machine is sitting at the 15 yard line on the north end of the far field. Bryn Renner and Mitch Ewald are the first players out of the locker room and I see it will be a full pad practice. Cody Latimer and Peyton Manning emerge form the building together and the players loosen up before the 10:25 HORN begins this Monday session.

Jerodis Williams has the blue ball today and Montee Ball is mysteriously absent. I'm sure you've all heard by now that he is to undergo an Appendectomy and should be ready for the opener at the very least.The punt return unit is at work right now and Jordan Norwood, Isaiah Burse and eventually, Wes Welker take turns shagging punts. I see Louis Young is in shorts and won't be participating. 10 minutes later, the HORN sounds again.

The 1st team defense practices against the 2nd team offense and Jack Del Rio runs his group through various play calls and packages in preparation for Thursday's game against Seattle. This segment runs for about 10 minutes and then the 2nd team offense works against the ‘3's' on defense. HORN.

The team stretch begins to Michael Jackson's ‘Bad. Then a song called ‘Swagger like that.' The music continues into the individual position drills. A Kenny Chesney song and then Metallica's ‘Sad but true.' This segment is unusually lengthy as well. A short blast of the HORN signals a rotation of drills as Johnny Cash belts out ‘Ring of fire.'

The team stretch begins to Michael Jackson's ‘Bad.' Then a song called ‘Swagger like that.' A Kenny Chesney song and then Metallica's ‘Sad but true.'

As the music fades, the front 7 first team defense goes up against the red hats to the south side of the field on front of me and the back 7 (2nd unit linebackers, 1st unit DB's) also work against the red hats to the north. Over on the opposite field, the quarterbacks are throwing to the wide receivers 2 by 2. HORN.

I move down to the south end zone to view the wide receiver/cornerbacks daily 1 on 1 battle. Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert are throwing as Peyton Manning is on the north end of the field steering the run offense. Nathan Palmerbeats Jerome Murphy, Cody Latimer makes a catch, Greg Hardin drops a deep ball, Bennie Fowler makes a catch against Bradley Roby. Greg Wilson beats Tony Carter, Isaiah Burse beats Jerome Murphy, Cody Latimer beats Jordan Sullen Greg Hardin beats Tony Carter and Zac Dysert overthrows Bennie Fowler.

Peyton moves over to this drill and throws completions to Emmanuel Sanders, who is working against Aqib Talib and then Demaryius Thomas, who beats Kayvon Webster. Tony Carter and Wes Welker trade jabs ‘hand jockeying' down the field and the pass ends up incomplete. Julius Thomas drops a pass going against Rahim Moore. and Jacob Tamme makes a grab against T.J. Ward. Bubba Caldwell makes a double move and torches Kayvon Webster deep. Emmanuel Sanders catches a comeback in front of Aqib Talib. Demaryius Thomas makes a quadruple move on Bradley Roby, because that's what it took to get away from the rookie, and catches a pass from Peyton Manning. Tony Carter gets called for a hold against Wes Welker and T.J.Ward breaks up a pass intended for Julius Thomas. Jacob Tamme goes up for a catch above Rahim Moore and Emmanuel Sanders beats Aqib Talib. Brock Osweiler connects with Bubba Caldwell past Omar Bolden. Britton Colquitt is punting to a coach on the near field. HORN.

7 on 7 drills begin with a Manning completion to Virgil Green on a cross in front of Von Miller. Julius Thomas and Jacob Tamme make catches and then Aqib Talib intercepts Manning on a pass intended for Tamme. Brock Osweiler throws complete to Andre Caldwell, a side out to Nathan Palmer, and a pair of passes to Jordan Norwood before hitting Norwood on a crossing route. Zac Dysert comes in and passes to Isaiah Burse to the sideline and then completes one to Bennie Fowler, but there is a flag. After a short pass to Jerodis Williams, the HORN sounds.

11 on 11 full team drills commence. The first is a bad snap and then Manning goes over the top deep for Julius Thomas, who is being shadowed by Kayvon Webster. Ronnie Hillman runs for a couple of yards and then Bubba Caldwell makes a catch over on the left side. C.J.Anderson is stuffed up the middle and then a long pass for Emmanuel Sanders goes incomplete. Brock Osweiler is sacked by good coverage, but throws the ball away late. Jordan Norwood makes a nice one-handed grab at the sideline. Gerell Robinson catches a pass from Osweiler and then Zac Dysert steps in. Brennan Clay runs for a short gain around the left side and on the next play, Dysert pulls the ball down and runs. HORN.

The special teams punt coverage and return teams get to work. The gunner's are during ‘get off' drills as Jordan Norwood, Isaiah Burse, Julius Thomas and Wes Welker are fielding punts. The linemen are discussing technique during the interim. I see DeMarcus Ware and Chris Clark during some one on one sparring and I can tell Ware is giving Clark pointers by their hand gestures. Ben Garland is during the same with Marvin Austin and Ryan Miller, with Will Pericak. After 4 or 5 live punts, the next HORN sounds.

Red zone drills begin, but my view is impeded again. I do see Demaryius Thomas come down with a touchdown catch against Aqib Talib. Osweiler's first attempt is tipped incomplete by John Boyett. On the next play, Brock hits Bennie Fowler for a touchdown. Zac Dysert hands the all off, but I didn't see to whom because Matt Paradis andMitch Unrein are having a Dosi-doe' of their own. Kenny Anunike picks up a sack and Kapri Bibbs runs for a couple of yards. HORN.

11 on 11 team drills begin again. Peyton's first pass is for Wes Welker against T.J.Ward, but a flag is thrown against the safety. Manning completes the next pass to a wide open Bubba Caldwell that looks like Talib and Ward have their signals crossed. Ronnie Hillman gains a couple of yards up the middle and picks up another 8 on a quick curl route. Manning catches up with Bubba Caldwell, who is crossing in front of Von Miller. Osweiler leads the second unit out. Juwan Thompson picks up 3 yards on the first play and then Brock doesn't see a receiver to his left and has to take a sack. His next pass is complete to Cody Latimer. Kapri Bibbs runs for 5 yards and then Latimer's name is called on an end around. Ronnie Hillman runs up the middle for 1 yard. Zac Dysert comes in and throws too high for Bennie Fowler, who is being guarded by Jordan Sullen. Dysert throws a quick completion to Jerodis Williams with Lamin Barrow in coverage. HORN.

After a short water break, the punt return unit goes to work again. Like earlier, the gunners work on their ‘get off'  as Jordan Norwood and Isaiah Burse shag offerings from the JUGG's machine. Matt Prater and Mitch Ewald are kicking field goals on the near field and the quarterbacks throw end zone fades to a ball boy. HORN.

11 on 11's start up with the 2 minute drill scenario. Down by one point with 40 seconds on the clock, one timeout and the ball on the offense's own 45. Manning to Bubba Caldwell complete inbounds. Peyton spikes the ball. After a 5-yard completion to Wes Welker, Manning throws to Julius Thomas for a 1st down and then spikes the ball again. 24.6 seconds remain from the 38 yard line. A draw play to Ronnie Hillman nets 4 yards and the timeout is used and with 6.5 seconds remaining, Matt Prater converts a 44-yard field goal.

After resetting the clock and ball, the "2's" go to work. A screen pass to C.J.Anderson gets a few yards and then Brock Osweiler throws incomplete for Virgil Ward. After a pass to Jordan Norwood that Shaq Barrett was there for the sack on, David Bruton picks off Osweiler's next attempt. Dysert comes in. Michael Schofield is holding but Kayvon Webster breaks up the pass attempt. A dumpoff over the middle for Kapri Bibbs gets a few yards and Zac spikes the ball with 35 seconds left at the 48 yard line. He hits Greg Hardin on a sideline route and the receiver gets out of bounds. Mitch Ewald's attempt from 49 yards is no good.

New situation. 18 seconds left, 3rd and 10, down by 1 and the ball on the 45 again. Peyton Manning throws incomplete for Wes Welker before connecting with Julius Thomas. Matt Prater converts from 44 yards. Brock has to throw away his first pass attempt due to the pressure supplied by Quanterus Smith. After a completion to Nathan Palmer, Mitch Ewald converts a 39-yard field goal. Zac Dysert's attempt goes incomplete courtesy of Jamar Chaney.

Hail Mary situation. the ball is at the offense's own 40 yard line with 7 seconds left.. Brock Osweiler takes the first rep. I can't see if the ball is caught, dropped or intercepted, but Cody Latimer is in the immediate vicinity. Zac Dysert's attempt is intercepted in the end zone. Peyton Manning hits Julius Thomas on a cross and the tight end gets out of bounds with a half second left. Mitch Ewald's attempt from 48 yards goes wide left. HORN.

After the team huddle breaks, Peyton Manning works with Emmanuel Sanders and Cody Latimer.

On working after practice, Cody Latimer said:

"I was hoping to catch on to the offense way better, which allows me to play faster."

Nate Irving on what he focused on coming into the offseason:

"To be honest, I'm grading myself and looking at my technique on film--things that I did bad last year and coming in and trying to work on those things."

Omar Bolden on how camp has been for him so far:

"I think it's going well. I'm glad to be back a t corner. I feel comfortable out there. I just have to keep it going."

Go Broncos!

-- Kaptain Kirk

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