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Broncos rookie kicker Mitch Ewald might be Peyton Manning's biggest fan

It seems that a certain Denver Broncos rookie has become enamored with Peyton Manning at training camp.

Mitch Ewald
Mitch Ewald

Just before training camp started late last month, the Denver Broncos signed an undrafted rookie kicker to give incumbent Matt Prater some camp competition. That kicker, Mitch Ewald, played college football for the Indiana Hoosiers, scoring 320 career points.

As it turns out, Ewald is quite the Peyton Manning fan. After signing with the team, Ewald used #PlayingWithPeyton on Twitter:

Since then, Ewald has given his 1,334 followers daily updates on camp and, of course, #PlayingWithPeyton.

This is a professional football player who's practically giddy to meet his team's quarterback. Priceless.

Oh, maybe he's just a funny man. It can't be that big of a deal to him, right?

It just got real.

This guy purposely got in Peyton's stretching line at practice. Okay, okay, you're over it now, right, Mitch? Not everything has to include #PlayingWithPeyton, right?

Nothing deep about playing football in the NFL? Everything's about #PlayingWithPeyton?

There it is! A tweet from Mitch Ewald since he signed with Denver that does not mention Manning. But it didn't last long . . .

You're a funny man, Mitch. And we can't blame you. Everybody loves Peyton.