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Broncos' Adam Gase reminds us why preseason matters

The scoreboard doesn't matter. The lights around the scoreboard tell the tale.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We asked you to tell us if the result of this Seahawks-Broncos preseason game matters to you, and it's a pretty even split. Fans care a bit more about this preseason bout, given the circumstances.

Whether you believe the result of a preseason match matters or not, there's a reason the preseason game itself matters. Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase recently went on sports radio 104.3 The Fan in Denver and talked about it --

"We've had guys in the past that go in (the stadium) and they lock up. It happens. It happens to one guy every year. Some guys eliminate themselves. Then there are some guys who act like they are out playing in the backyard like nobody is there. They just play loose and they play good and go get the ball. If they're a lineman, they see the looks, come off the ball, and drive someone off the body. You know (right away), that's what we’re looking for."

It's an important reminder to what preseason is about. We're all excited about the development of guys in training camp - of our Six Surprise Stars and how the rookie class is looking and whether Cody Latimer is the real deal.

But that's practice, and that's precisely what preseason is for. To separate the practice potential from the game goliaths. The shockers in shorts vs. the powerhouses in pads. The boys from the men.

The Selvin Youngs vs. the Terrell Davises.

The Broncos separate the boys from the men starting Thursday at 7:00 p.m. MDT.

(Thanks to reader Pat for the tip.)