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Horse Tracks: Broncos football is just a day away!

Get excited Broncos fans, the first game of the preseason is just one day away. I am so pumped to watch real NFL football... for the first series or two. Then I'll sink back into my couch and think fondly about the second preseason game. Won't it be awesome to see the starters play a whole quarter?! Forget that, what about the third game?! Peyton could play a whole half... probably not... but still. Oh preseason. I love you. I hate you.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So the Seattle Seahawks are coming to town. What's the media up that-a-way got to say about their beloved team?


The Everett Herald's John Boyle has identified the Seattle offensive line as 'an area of concern.' Hearing that almost makes up for the sting of the Super Bowl. Not really, but it's a start.


Who here doesn't chortle at the thought of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch cradling a punch bowl of Skittles on the couch in his bathrobe? Okay, Lynch may not be that out of shape, but Seattle coach Pete Carroll noted on Tuesday that Marshawn is "a long way from football shape." That said, don't expect Lynch to see much (if any) time on the field on Thursday.


Radio blowhard and former Raider Lincoln Kennedy has realistic hopes for his old team. While .500 should be an attainable goal for any NFL franchise, it's simply not the Raiders. Kennedy anticipates our Oakland rivals to finish below that in 2014. Hey, at least they're not in San Antonio... yet. Right?!


104.3 The Fan's D-Mac was unabashed in his critique of Broncos first round pick, Bradley Roby's 13th day of camp. I know D-Mac is trying to be funny, but dang, it's pretty brutal... Especially if you happen to be Roby's dog.


Speaking of a high draft pick, guess who the Saints just signed. Remember Josh McDaniels' second round pick in 2009? No? Here's a hint: He had one reception for nine yards over his three year stint with the Broncos. Still drawing a blank? Former Denver Bronco tight end Richard Quinn has signed with New Orleans.