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Throwback Thursday: Demaryius Thomas' 1st NFL reception/TD comes against Seattle

On Sunday, September 19th 2010 Demaryius Thomas logged his 1st catch and 1st TD reception of his young career against the Seattle Seahawks.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The trigger man that day was not Peyton Manning, but Kyle Orton.  On this day Demaryius showed his immense potential with eight receptions for 97 yards.  Here are GIF's from seven of his catches.

How ironic is it that reception #1 came on a WR screen that Demaryius has made famous the past couple of seasons?


Next up we have a comeback...

And a dig...


then a curl...


and an out...


Followed by another dig...


Topped off by a "Go"


After earlier failures, look at how bad the DB bites on the comeback.

Even before Demaryius started to blossom into a complete player, he's had a lot success.  Here's to the continued success of the Broncos offense and of course #88 himself.  A Mile High Salute to Demaryius!