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Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks: Preseason Live Blog

Real redemption must wait until Week 3, but hopefully its maybe just a little bit chippy on the Denver Broncos side of the ball, but either way its just nice to have football back!
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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
Seattle Seahawks
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 7:00 pm MT
Denver Broncos




Not The Best Pass Off. The Best
Not The Best Rush Off. The Best
Not The Best Pass Def. The Best
Not The Best Rush Def. The Best
0-0 Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado 0-0
Last Place Spread: Who Cares 1st Place
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Football is officially back! In a weird twist of fate, its the Denver Broncos facing the team that humiliating them in the biggest game on the planet, the Seattle Seahawks. That's right, we don't even get a break in between that beat down and this meaningless game. How cruel. I want blood! But its a preseason, so who cares. I care!  Dang it...

For this game, the Broncos will still be missing the same critical stars they were for that disastrous Super Bowl with both Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr. just weeks away being 100% again. Kevin Vickerson and Montee Ball will also be held out of tonight's game.

The first team will be playing up to a quarter, so anything more than 8 points would be totally awesome for me. Beyond that, it is time for Brock Osweiler to step it up. I am personally tired of questioning his long term viability. Don't laugh, I truly believe I can determine his fate by watching him play meaningless football game.

Final score prediction? Well, since I predicted blowouts in the last two matchups with the Broncos winning, I think I'll go with a Seahawks blowout tonight, 38-10. Voodoo curse reverse psychology right there, baby! Go Broncos!

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