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NFL Preseason Live is down: Here's how to watch Broncos-Seahawks anyway

Despite what John Elway might say, there is always a Plan B!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you're not lucky enough to be in one of these local markets, and you were relying on NFL Preseason Live to watch Broncos-Seahawks... you're out of luck. Maybe things get better at some point during the game, and maybe not.

Here's what you can do while you're starving for orange and blue.


I was able to get in. It seems to be working now. Just in time! Ignore all this stuff below.

Wait for the NFL Network broadcast

I know it's painful, but wait for 11:00 p.m. MDT NFL Network re-air of Broncos-Seahawks (or DVR it and watch it tomorrow).

Listen online (free)

No video, but 850 KOA truly does a remarkable job. A lot of people hit 'mute' on the TV feeds and listen to Dave Logan and Ed McCaffrey instead. Logan is the best in the business, while McCaffrey is coming into his own.

Find an illegal stream

We can't advocate any of these. They can be fraught with viruses, adware and malware. But if you're desperate to watch live, you can do some searching and find an illegal stream of the game. I really, really advise against this. I won't be doing this.

What will I be doing?

I'll be listening to the 850 KOA broadcast and DVR'ing the NFL Network broadcast. I'll also be hitting refresh on my NFL Preseason Live page pretty regularly. And I'll be following the MHR live blog and Twitter feed. The combination of 850 KOA and Twitter will give me the next-best-thing to the real thing.

Then I'll be buying some Red Bull and staying up to watch the game once tonight.

Epic, epic fail, NFL. The Preseason Live package is a rip-off at $20 (or $15) already, and for it to not even work is pitiful.