Elway's Vision Becoming A Reality...What He's Done

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There is nothing new here, just wanted to put some thoughts down after last night's game.

Post SB, Elway remarked about the Defense having a tougher mentality & set about acquiring Players who fit that mold or mindset if you will. I think the Defense played well through the 1st half of the SB and it was the Offense that faltered. Anyway, that is behind us now and we are moving forward. I agree with Rodney that the signing of D Ware is the biggest FA acquisition since Manning. To those who thought he was 'done' need only to watch the 1st Qrtr of the Pre-Season game, and I would add that more than a handful of Teams were at least hoping to get a whiff of his jock-strap the moment he was released by the Cowboys.

For me, and I would assume, for most of the Broncos' Fans, it was a sad day when Champ left. He gave us excellence and for that, we will always be thankful. His time had come and Elway signed Talib along with Boss Ward...Same Vision with new attitude. We saw that in the Pre-Season opener against Seattle. Ware is a menace to opposing offenses. Just wait 'til Von gets on the field! Talib & Ware were both there in run support and prevented big gains on the outside...Props too to the front 7 for outside contain, esp. Wolfe who held his own and then some!

Elway's not done yet! He brings in Marvin Austin for more competition on the DL and I really liked what I saw from him. He drafted Q. Smith last year and patiently waited for full rehab...He waited for Wolfe to recover, just as he is with Harris Jr. & Von Miller, not to mention sticking with Von through his trials and tribulations of last year...That was last season and Elway is moving forward...Winning Now & From Now On!

1st rnd pick Bradley Roby, as Rodney noted, will probably be great, but not as soon as we would like. He'll get some game time along with good Coaching...Win Now & From Now On! The Depth on Defense is Scary Good to the point that many of our back ups would or could be starters on another Team.

On Offense, I really liked what I saw from our Starters...Clady seems to have recovered and his presence is huge. DT played physical and IIRC, it took at least 2 defenders to bring him down on most every play. Great competition for the RB positions & it will be exciting to see how this unflolds.

A Player who doesn't get alot of national media attention, though we know how valuable he is, is Vasquez....Perhaps the most under the radar signing, but we all know what he brings to the game. Elway moving Forward and Winning Now & From Now On!

I really need to mention just a couple of other Players: Danny T & Malik...Both late round draft picks who have thrived here. I credit the Scouts & Coaches...Recognizing what they can do and putting them in positions for success. Also, I really need to correct something John Lynch said during the game about Danny T not being fast. I didn't look this up, but I think he's in the 4.5 or 4.6 range in the 40...He's fast, he can tackle & he can cover. Malik has simply gotten better every year & it's been a real pleasure to watch him thrive in this Defensive Scheme. As a side note, I don't know of any Teams who have 2 Players who can play anywhere on the DL except the Broncos with Wolfe & Malik. IMO, Del Rio is one of the best DCs in the League and now he has alot of top talent to work with...I don't think he'll squander this opportunity. Elway...Winning Now & From Now On!

Is Oz the QB of the future for the Broncos? I dunno, but I do like what I saw last night. As we all know, he's studying under PFM and the value there is difficult to calculate...suffice to say that he couldn't have a better mentor. He's still learning, but seems to have control or knowledge of the offense. He does have the big arm and made some good throws...came back from the pick with a good drive, so only time & game reps will tell.

I have no doubt that Elway,( along with his staff) is always looking, scouting & evaluating Players to make the Team better now and into the future....Winning Now & From Now On.

Closing, I would really like to thank KK for the TC Kaptain's Log, Casey for the Photos and the rest of the MHR staff for their excellent contributions which make this the best Site for NFL coverage in general and the Broncos in particular.

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