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Horse Tracks: Broncos players playing hard for parking spots?

Good Morning Broncos Country

Justin Edmonds

Well here's a fun story that came out of Dove Valley yesterday. During Peyton Manning's press conference with reporters on Wednesday he mention a new incentive for Broncos players to perform well on game days. The Broncos will name three players of the week each week, one offensive, one defensive, and on special teams. If you're one of those three players you get the prime parking spots at the team headquarters that week.

You get a parking spot by the way [when] you get player of the week. I don’t know if you all noticed that out there, it’s a new addition. Right there, those first three spots if you get Broncos player of the week—we have our own player of the week, which I would think if Julius got Broncos player of the week he would get national player of the week but we’ll see if that holds true throughout the season. Sometimes it’s pretty tough criteria. We got [S] Rahim [Moore] and Julius and [TE Jacob Tamme]."

That means that Denver Broncos General Managers John Elway's Bentley was replaced by tight end Jacob Tamme's old white Volvo in the best parking spot at Dove Valley. Tamme wants to keep that parking spot as long as possible too,

"I take a little flack for my Volvo I drive in here," Tamme said. "So, I plan on parking that ‘soccer mom’ Volvo in there as much as possible."

Julius Thomas earned his parking spot by hauling in three Peyton Manning passes for touchdowns on Sunday Night, Rahim Moore intercepted Andrew Luck twice, and Tamme earned his spot by tackling Indianapolis Colts punt returner Griff Whalen for a two yard loss in the final minutes of the forth quarter.

The Denver Broncos own the AFC West:

The Denver Broncos have won the most AFC West titles in NFL history with 13. The Oakland Raiders are in second with 12(Haven't won the division since 2002).

The Broncos will make it four straight AFC titles this year.

Go Broncos!

Horse Tracks: