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Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 2, CBS)

Courtesy of, here's a broadcast map for the Broncos Week 2 match up against the Chiefs. If you're in the red, you're in luck! Kickoff is set for 2:25 MT.

The week 2 match up between the Denver Broncos (1-0) and the Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) brings us the Broncos 2nd home game and their first division game of the season. If you're wondering if the Broncos will show up on CBS on your TV screen this Sunday afternoon look no further than handy broadcast map.

If you have DirectTV or are planning on seeing the game at your local sports bar you are set.  If you are in RED (or live in AK or HI) you get to see the Broncos (yay!) If you are in BLUE you'll get the Jets vs. Green Bay (boo!), GREEN you'll get Houston vs. Oakland (double boo!), and GREY areas - you get nothing (sorry).

The last time Kansas City came to town they were 9-0 and Peyton Manning's ankles were taped so heavily he looked like a race horse from the knees down. I remember being concerned about Manning making it through that game injury free. This season I'm concerned this game looks like such a lopsided affair the Broncos will be more focused on Week 3's game in Seattle than the game right in front of them.

Here's what I'm hoping to see from the Broncos on Sunday:

  • Fewer drops, or how about no drops, from the receivers (DT I'm looking at you - what on Earth was going on last Sunday?)
  • Peyton Manning being amazing from start to finish. I think Manning might have been a bit distracted in the Colts game (for a variety of reasons - 1st game since Super Bowl that means something, facing his old team, etc). I don't expect him to be distracted on Sunday.  Or maybe his improved arm strength is just messing people up temporarily (that's an OK problem to have IMO). And just to be clear, I'll take a distracted Manning over anybody else any day.
  • Foxy do a fantastic job of coaching a blowout game. It's totally fine to be up by 3 or 4 touchdowns for the entire game guys!
  • Defense continuing to shine. Bradley Roby proving he isn't a one-hit wonder and is not a rookie to be picked on by quarterbacks. Harris and Miller proving their recovery from ACL injuries is complete. Moore and Wolfe continuing to amaze me that they are even playing after their health scares (let's have 3 interceptions this game Rahim just for fun!) And if he is active (and I hope he is), Mitch Unrein proving that he was worth that roster spot.

And on that note - Kevin Vickerson I wish you the best of luck in all of your games with Kansas City except this Sunday and any other time you play the Broncos!

The Broncos are 51-56 against the Chiefs all-time. A win on Sunday would be the Broncos 5th victory in a row against the Chiefs. Kickoff is schedule for 2:25 PM MT on Sunday.

Go Broncos!