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Live Blog: NFL Week 2 Thursday Night Football

It's the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football. In years past this would have been a fun defensive game to watch, but now in 2014? Meh.
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Patrick Smith

It feels like Week 1 just ended, but here we are starting Week 2 of the 2014 NFL Regular Season. I'm sure Roger Goodell is happy to get football back on the minds of football fans, but there are too many clicks to be had for his downfall for things to blow over that easily.

RIP Goose

I finished last week a solid 11-5 in my picks and in my main pick'em league ended up winning a six-way tie for second place and GOT PAID! It's just $40, but hey, that's $40 of my $85 entry fee back after just a single week! As Brian Dawkins would say, "TAKE IT!".

It would be great to follow up this early success with another great week of picks. My confidence level isn't really high for that though as there are some hard games to pick this week.

Enough chatter, let's get on with tonight's NFL pick!

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

I am loving the elite Joe Flacco and the Ravens in this spot. The Ravens are at home, coming off a close loss to the more talented Cincinnati Bengals in the first week, while the Steelers let Brian Hoyer drop a huge second half comeback on them and nearly lost the game. That's unacceptable, especially against the Cleveland Browns. My decision was made all the more easier when I saw that 2/3 of the Yahoo users are pounding the Steelers tonight, which means I probably have a good chance to jump out ahead against at least half the users in my own league if I get the Ravens winning at home tonight on prime time.  My philosophy on these kinds of games is simple. If its prime time and both teams are fairly comparable then always go with the team that is likely to have more energy - which means go with the home team! Prediction: Ravens 27, Steelers 17.