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Marshall Faulk asks us which Broncos player is facing the pressure entering Week 2

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas had three drops in Week 1, making him our pressure-player for Week 2.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Based off of Week 1, there is certainly more than one answer to this question. That being said, the clear cut answer for me is Demaryius Thomas.

DT was targeted 11 times, had three drops, only caught four passes, and only had any yardage at all because of one big play.  This isn't how you want to play during a contract year, and the bottom line is that he's capable of far more.

"It was bothering me after the first one and I guess I let it linger on and bother me the other two," Thomas said Thursday, "but my main thing was trying to get the ball up the field too fast. So this week has been mainly watch the ball in before you make the move. I've been doing that, catching balls on the sideline with my coaches, trying to fix the problem."

One of the most consistent complaints Broncos Country has had with DT is that he gets out-manned at times. As harsh as that sounds, it is a fair assessment as Week 1 showcased a match-up where DT was muscled around by a smaller guy.

"It's over with. It's gone now," said Thomas. "New team, new week. That game right there, we won and that's all that really matters, so it's over with now."

It is Week 2, DT.  Bronco up and get it done!

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