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Report: Wes Welker clears concussion protocol

That's one hurdle cleared for the Broncos receiver

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to Pro Football Talk Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has cleared the NFL's concussion protocol and is eligible to play if/when his suspension is lifted.

This is one hurdle that most have overlooked in this situation. Prior to his suspension Welker was never fully cleared to participate in team activities. Welker suffered his third concussion in under a year during the Broncos third preseason game against the Houston Texans. Welker has now had three weeks to recover from the concussion appears good to go.

Now the timing of this news is encouraging for the Broncos and Welker. The NFL and NFLPA have been nearing a deal on a new drug policy all week and appear to finishing it up today. There's reports that the team reps have been notified that they will be able to vote on the new policy tonight. If/when when a new deal is reached and agreed on Welker could see the field this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Broncos have expected Welker back all week. Earlier this week they waived wide receiver Nathan Palmer and assigned him back to the teams ten man practice squad. Palmer was brought up to the teams 53 man roster when the NFL announced Welker's suspension. So the Broncos roster currently sits at 52 players, and it's obvious they're expecting Welker to fill that one vacant roster spot sometime this week.

If Welker is reinstated it will be curious to see if he plays this weekend. He hasn't been at the teams facility since the suspension was announced, and Welker missed all of this weeks practices/meetings. More often then not that means a player will miss that weeks game, but i have a feeling we will see Welker out there on Sunday.

Go Broncos!